Why Nature Doesn’t Need Our Loyalty

Nature doesn’t give a damn. The White Race is Nature’s Finest Creation but Nature is dispassionate about whether we fail or succeed as a race.


Creators are loyal to the White Race while Nature is not loyal to the White Race. We are the equivalent of an experiment. Nature of course is not a thinking entity – Nature is, as Ben Klassen described it:

What is Nature? The broad answer is not too difficult. Simply, Nature is the whole cosmos, the total universe, including its millions of natural laws through space and time.

Nature’s Eternal Religion – Chapter One

Our religion, Creativity, is based upon the laws of Nature, because these laws are simply the methods to survive as a race. These laws show how not to be devastated by our enemies and how we have to think about survival if we want to go on to achieve anything. Survival is the very epitome of a natural instinct and could never be unnatural. However artificial methods, such as some of the various inventions our race has come up with, may in some cases give a race the edge in this competition. Of course there are other artificial means we have invented that can help us survive – not just weapons. I only gave weapons as one example.

To suggest that only natural and non-artificial methods are to be used in order to follow the basic rules governing survival would be a “naturalistic fallacy”. The various weapons humanity has developed in an arms race are “artificial” but they are used towards the natural aims that must be understood and not subverted by the message from our enemies who tell us we should be self-obsessed or we should love our enemies. Those unnatural ideas cause the competitors to survive and not those who practice them.

We base our religion not on Nature’s laws being “good” as such but on functionality. If we want to catch a ball that someone throws to us we need to understand that we are not best going to do that by closing our eyes and running around the corner to kick a policeman. We would stand watching the ball and observing its trajectory with the knowledge that it would go up and then come down.

We don’t need to be “loyal” to Nature’s laws governing motion or to gravity in order to use our understanding of those laws.

It is a natural fact that there is competition between species and races. This is part of evolution. You can use any means to win this competition that Nature has made inevitable – but you can’t erase the fact of the competition and that there will be losers whose race or species goes extinct and winners who proceed to survive longer. Eventually those winners will give way to their own descendants that become different to them but are directly evolved from them.

We have to observe Nature’s laws to understand that it is best our descendants are equipped with the mental and physical attributes that will lead not only to their survival (something bacteria and rats are excellent at) but also to something better and more glorious. A future not of brutality and suffering, but of beauty and scientific endeavour.

Nature does not care if all humanity or even all life on Earth goes extinct. Not only has Nature no mind to care, but if we even entertained the fantasy that Nature had a mind, she would be thinking: “okay so that didn’t work out” and shrugging with apathy.

No – we look to Nature to reveal the rules of life. And we play by those rules by being loyal to our own kind.

by Rev Jane, TCM UK

Source: Creativity on Blog