Why I Am Voting to Leave the EU

Here in Britain there is a referendum on whether we should leave the European Union or not.

I will be voting to leave.

Here is a brief insight into my reasoning.  No doubt, because this is a hurriedly written blog post I could have left out something but here goes.


A union of European countries appeals to Creators as we like to see all Whites from all countries united and working together.  (That would be a good European Union – very different to the reality).

Allegedly the Union helps to prevent wars between the member countries. [However the EU itself is presenting an aggressive hawkish stance towards Russia and towards the BRICS countries – which is a disadvantage of staying in].

Various workers rights – minimum wage – safety at work – various environmental protections and laws on standards of foods and other products.

Maybe the member nations of the EU could become dominated by anti-immigration and/or anti Israeli sentiments and somehow transform the EU into a White racially loyal block or at least an anti-Jewish block (which may unfortunately be multiracial and largely Muslim) over time.

If we leave, it may be that our Conservative government will use the opportunity to trash various rights and protections – oppressing the population.

If we leave, Wall Street may start looking at how they can get White European nations to start slaughtering one another.  For example, they could get Scotland and England at each other’s throats.


The un-elected leadership – unaccountable and undemocratic – which is heavy with Jewish domination.

The avowed programme by EU leaders to destroy homogeneity in Europe and force racial diversity on us.

The warlike posturing coming from the un-elected leadership – which imposes sanctions on countries that do not support its vision.

Many of the good achievements of the union regarding workers rights and other health and environmental benefits are being eroded by secret deals such as TTIP and CETA which makes it look as if people have been lulled into thinking the EU protects us, only to find that trust is being outrageously betrayed.  These deals allow American and Canadian mega corporations to sue member nations of the EU that get in the way of their profiteering.

Immigration.  A difficult one because while the EU is currently adding millions of refugees from the Middle East here (on top of the immigration from other 3rd world hell holes) and also an open door to anyone from member nations – from Eastern Europe to potentially allowing Turkey  — there will no doubt still be mass immigration after leaving.  But the mass immigration after leaving will be something the British people can hold our government accountable for rather than our government blaming it on the EU.

By leaving the EU any nationalism in this country could plan how Britain will run itself in a sovereign sense rather than being subsumed into a federal state as is the intention of the EU.

The EU is part of a plan for a uni-polar world which is really not just European but a part of an American Zionist vision for the world.

Britain contributes more money to the EU than it gets back.

Britain will probably still be able to trade well enough for it not to matter that it is not part of the EU.

Most of the vilest members of the establishment appear desperate that we stay in the EU.


Looking at all of this from a Creativity standpoint – what appears preferable (if not necessarily “good”) for the White Race is to vote to leave.

If Britain does leave we shall see what happens. It is something that can best be judged after the event!

by rev. Jane

Source: Creativity on Blog