White Racial Loyalty not White Supremacism

Creators are not White Supremacists.


According to the definition of “supremacism” in the Miriam Webster dictionary supremacism is “the quality or state of having more power, authority, or status than anyone else: the state of being supreme”.

Therefore in order to be a racial supremacist one would be seeking to have power over other races, such as a desire to enslave other races and be master over them.

Creators believe firmly in racial separation and have no wish to be masters over other races or peoples. In this we contrast to the Jews, who have a religion that specifically promises them dominion over every non-Jewish creature and specifies even the number of slaves each Jew can look forward to owning. Islam also is concerned with having power over non-Muslims, although Islam, unlike Judaism, hopes everyone will decide to become one of their group and escape slavery in that way.

Many White people who are racially aware, but who have not yet accepted the solution and grand plan for organic salvation in Creativity, make the mistake of throwing around the term “White supremacism” without much thought. In fact the term is harmful to the White Race and helpful to our enemies. Like the word “racist”, the term “White Supremacist” is used to suggest Whites who are obsessed with other races and putting outsiders down or negativity, aggression and ignorance.

The term “White Supremacist” does not mean anything about looking after our own folk. Instead it sounds hubristic, arrogant and even implies a lot of insecurity about the virtues of the White Race.

For example, a supremacist would appear to be an individual who is looking at those outside of their group and trying to size up just how much bigger and better they are when compared to the outsiders.

For racial loyalists this is like comparing apples and oranges. We are not interested in evaluating ourselves by what we have got that “they” haven’t got, and finding ways to make “them” respect us and do our bidding. That would just be pathetic. Although, other races than the White Race do seem to need to measure themselves in that way – because they are not really racially loyal. They are just ambitious.

When someone identifies as a “White Supremacist” they can often be tied in knots when it is pointed out that there are some Blacks, or Chinese or what have you individuals who are more talented or intelligent than some White people are. Some White people are total scum! Some individual non-white people are much nicer than those individuals and can be clever, respectable and admirable in various ways.

This is a main argument that has convinced countless White people that White supremacism is invalid and that therefore race mixing is just fine!

However the same argument simply would not work with a racially loyal White person. We do not need to ask ourselves how we measure up in order to be racially loyal. We simply obey the basic law of Nature regarding putting your own kind first and those most biologically close to you, like a mother loves her child.

Imagine a mother being tricked into not favoring her own offspring and to stop loving them more than random children, by being made to question whether it makes sense to be a “family supremacist” who thinks their family should have power over all the other families. Imagine her being bamboozled into thinking that her love for her child was really “supremacist” and that she was crazy and evil and should stop favoring her own kin.

This is why it is falling into the cultural Marxist trap of using the label “supremacist” when you are in fact supposed to love your race just because it is your race – and be racially loyal.


Ben Klassen from a speech you can view here:

We are not white supremacists.

What is a white supremacist? A white supremacist is a person or group that wants to be supreme over inferior peoples. And we’ve had the white race do that, in various locations. We’ve had the white plantation owners in the South for instance that exploited the niggers, worked them and so on. We’ve had the British in India, go into and govern the country, exploit it, take over but they didn’t develop or they didn’t settle it as such like the White Race did in the United States. They were white supremacists.

Now, this is one thing that if you’re interviewed by a newspaper reporter or a talk-show host, this is the first thing they will throw at you. You are of course a white supremacist. And I tell them ‘no, I’m not a white supremacist. The Church of The Creator is not a white supremacist organization. We don’t want to rule any inferior race, we don’t want to exploit the niggers, or anybody else. We just want to have control of our own destiny. We want to expand, and take control of our destiny, to which we’re entitled. We want to expand our territory, just like our forefathers did over the last 400 years. What’s the matter with that? That’s the way America was built, and if you’re against that, evidently you’re ‘un-American.’ You know, throw this out. We’re doing a very normal, natural, non-violent thing. We’re not white supremacists.

~ Rev Jane