What it takes to be “Moderate” in Politics

A British Member of Parliament for the Labour Party was murdered, shot and stabbed, in a street brawl two days ago, Thursday 16 June. The man who attacked her has a long history of mental illness and family and friends all state that he had no political views at all that they are aware of, including those who are mixed race.

To the establishment and mainstream media, however, the man is a typical example of someone who doesn’t fully embrace and love mass immigration and multiracialism.  All such people are some kind of violent neo nazis according to the latest narrative.  If the evidence isn’t there they will make it up.

War propaganda typically doesn’t match up with truth – and this is war.

The event bears all the hallmarks of political “spinning” and simply making up lies in order to make the following points:

Anyone who wants to vote to leave the European Union in the referendum next Thursday is the sort of person who stabs and murders innocent people who disagree with them.   They should feel the need to prove they are nothing like that by voting instead to stay in the EU and never ever again to criticise the EU and especially not to criticise mass immigration. Anything less makes them an extremist of the most disgusting and destructive sort imaginable.

Parliament was recalled to mourn the dead MP.  The campaigning on the referendum was halted at least temporarily.  Articles were published suggesting the referendum should be cancelled entirely.

The husband of the dead MP has been personally contacted by US President Obama (because of course there is mud to be spread not only on parties like UKIP in Britain but also Donald Trump in the US).

Then today the Independent published an article by the murdered woman’s husband, in which it is stated that whenever any politicians express any anti-immigration sentiment they are fanning the flames of the hate that killed his wife.  He is demanding that all politicians (and no doubt the mass media also) regard any anti-immigration language as being on par with Hitler worship (which of course means it cannot be done at all).

Mainstream politicians are legitimising extremist anti-immigrant views by “aping” far-right rhetoric, the bereaved husband of killed MP Jo Cox has said.

Link to The Independent

To those who regard themselves as “nationalists” and who are of the view that it is important to come across as “moderate” they should realise just how “moderate” you now have to be in order not to come across as being in the same category as what you might regard as the most extreme racialist dissidents.  You have to shut up and just smile and nod while your land is taken from you and you are subjected to genocide and enslavement.

We Creators stand firm with our views – our religion doesn’t change with time or with political pressure.  Creativity stands firm like a rock.  We are for the White Race and nothing will erode that.  This is the advantage a religion has over a political party that must embrace “the art of compromise”.

by rev Jane, TCM England

Source: Creativity on Blog