Thoughts on National Socialism, Creativity, and the Leadership Principle by Michael Jeffrey

The following is derived from a post I made on a Stormfront thread: National Socialism and Creativity, why it doesn’t catch on.

National Socialism served a very good purpose in the 1920s-1940s but, unfortunately, Jewish Communism won that battle. At that time, Germany needed National Socialism to fight Communism, International Jewry, and to get the German people back on their feet. As far as I am concerned Adolf Hitler is the greatest leader the White race has ever produced, but nonetheless, we need to try new strategies if we are to ever save our people, especially in this Jewish globalist nightmare that we find ourselves in today. Adolf Hitler and Dr. Goebbels himself even said ‘National Socialism is not for export’ and I agree. National Socialism was only concerned with the German people, and we are so far gone now that we are in a position where no traditional nationalism can save us. We are going to need all the White racial help that we can get.

Ben Klassen understood this and that is why he used the term White instead of divisive terms like Aryan. The idea Klassen had was that we need to be more inclusive at this starting point, and encompass the whole white race into a fanatic battering ram to defeat our enemies. That is what Klassen is talking about when he says Racial Socialism, he means enlisting the whole White race, and not getting into the trivialities of nationalism, that have killed so many of our people due to fratricidal conflicts. Klassen said himself in a ‘Racial Loyalty’ article that National Socialism served its purpose in its time, just as the Klan served its purpose well in the South after the Civil War during reconstruction. That was the past though, and I believe that  we need to honor our racial ancestors and our heroes who fought for our race, but we need not emulate them. We are in a new era, it is okay to draw inspiration but we need a fresh new approach.

I think Klassen was a very gifted man. I have read most of his books, and I have tried to promote them, as well as Creativity on my website. One idea Klassen asserts that he understood to be very important was the ‘Leadership Principle’ without that the movement dies or does not move forward. Under the leadership of Ben Klassen the church was ascending until his death. A few years later the church was resurrected by Matt Hale and that was like a miracle. Matt Hale was also a great leader that people could rally behind, but now with his imprisonment the church has had no real leadership, and mainly only lives on through Klassen’s writings, and some dedicated followers promoting Klassen’s original vision online, like myself.

I often hear people saying that we do not need membership organizations anymore now that we have the internet. I emphatically disagree with this assertion. I believe now we need a membership group more than ever, and with the right leader and the resources we now have at our disposal, we could really make positive changes. If Matt Hale were out of prison, I would be faithfully behind him and the church. The same goes for if Dr. Pierce or someone of his caliber were alive, I would be right behind him and the National Alliance. I believe we have the people that we need, but we just need the proper leader to get behind. The leader must be someone great who will push aside all the hubris of his future adherents. For years Ben Klassen was searching for what he called ‘The Great Promotor’ and I believe there is something of that stripe out there somewhere.

Michael Jeffrey

Source: Racial Observer