The New Coup Play Book

In the last couple of decades the way that the US State (serving Israeli interests) organises coups in various countries has changed. Instead of the blunt and unsophistiated method of simple military destablisation, and inserting a new (puppet) leader, a sneakier alternative is favoured.

The result is the same but there is a veneer of “democracy” about it and the process can be largely non-violent.

This new model has been called “the colour revolution” model by the media.

These are coups that have been orchestrated in various countries under the guise of the spread of democracy. Only two have actually been named after colours, the “Rose Revolution” in ex-soviet Georgia, and the “Orange Revolution” in Ukraine. But others are still regarded as colour revolutions: the Bulldozer Revolution in Serbia in 2000 and the Tulip Revolution in Kyrgyzstan 2005.

Former US President George W Bush also tried to call the US forced democracy on Iraq the “Purple Revolution” to draw parallels with the other colour revolutions. 

The strategy usually involves painting the current leader of the country to be overthrown as a lame-duck, maligning them in the media, and stirring up protests against them.

It is not at all a surprise that Hungarian Jew, George Soros, has been identified as playing a big part in the colour revolutions. 

Soros is now so forbidden to name, despite the open fact of his interference using his Open Society Institute that even Newt Gingrich was heavily censored by Fox News when he mentioned Soros.

Tucker Carlson’s Fox News segment recently did allow a speech writer for Trump to hurriedly explain the role of another high up Jewish meddler – although he was cut off as well due to supposed lack of time.

See the video of Tucker and Darren Beattie here. 

Norman Eisen, a best friend of Obama, and indeed previously Obama’s ethics Czar of all things, had a light shone on his brazen attempts to bring Trump down with another “colour revolution”. 

Eisen, who claims to be the son of a Holocaust survivor has written a book, in collaboration with others, called The Democracy Play Book. Eisen has also been a major instigator of impeachment attempts against Trump and other legal challenges aimed at Trump.

A tweet Eisen published this summer showed clearly how he feels about the BLM George Floyd protests. He said that the massive BLM rally in Rome showed how Europe was returning the favour for when the US defeated the Nazis – ie helping to get rid of Trump. 

Mrs Eisen is Lidsay Kaplan, professor of English at Georgetown University. She complains in this essay, that since Christians have historically been mean to blacks and jews – regarding blacks as prone to criminality and jews as having some part in the crucifiction of Jesus – it justifies an uprising. 

“An understanding of this shared history might offer common ground upon which Jews and Blacks could cooperate in the ongoing struggle against all forms of racism.”

This all serves to show that: 

a) Mr and Mrs Eisen both encourage BLM as a revolutionary force.

b) Norman Eisen uses a “play book” based on the colour revolutions worldwide.

c) Blacks and jews are expected to join forces (with no mention of other races by Mrs Eisen) presumably against the White Race, not simply Christians (after all most blacks are Christians anyway). 

We can easily see who is behind the current upheavals in politics in the US and simultaneously in Europe and other First World countries. It is not spontaneous at all and the end goal as always is the genocide of the White Race. 

Don’t be disheartened though. These villains always fail and their plans are going awry as the true groundswell of sentiment is against all this mischief.

~Rev. Jane