The Initial Crack of the System

One is not meaningless.


Activism of an individual is often overlooked when it comes to promoting ideas and propaganda in general. Although this form of activism is limited in some aspects, it doesn’t mean that one individual should not try to spread the idea by all available legal means.

The idea comes from individual, and the idea itself always goes from the individual and spreads as much as this individual is persisted on its spreading. In spreading the idea, one has to bear in mind that, as with the knowledge, repeating is most important.

So, where in this story comes the term „initial crack?“ Probably, only those who are slightly narrower technical profession, will immediately understand what that means.

In engineering, this term is often used in negative sense. Technically speaking, some part of machine or some assembly, during its formation gets some small initial microcrack in its interior, due to certain unavoidable failures in technology, or by mistake of an individual. If this element is exposed to considerable dynamic stresses, microcracks begins to gradually expand, and this is still not visible to the eye of beholder.

After a number of cycles, this crack impairs the stability of the element, bonds are breaking down between atoms and collapse of structure is inevitable. Throughout the history, because of this microcracks, there were many accidents, even deaths.

Although microcracks in today’s modern world can be detected by all kind of methods, they are still present in various parts of the machines. Fortunately, disasters are not happening anymore due to their presence.


It is clear that sick liberal system in which we live is a kind of machine element, and those who are not satisfied with it represent, not one, but thousands of potential initial cracks. In the case of the current system, those initial cracks, from our point of view, are very positive. To lead to  the total collapse of the system, these potential cracks must be activated and act detrimental to the system itself. Here we come to activism.

The idea, as we said, comes from the individual, and the individual is always the one who spreads the idea. All forms of ideologies have come from one individual, whether we talk about those positive, or those terrifying.

Many of us have already ingrained ideas, which means that someone has already spread them to us, and this was done by active promotion of these ideas. That just means that we also must actively spread the ideas that we find to be true.

An individual can do many things, actually. Internet is now available virtually to everyone, and on the Internet you can find a tons of methods by which individual can act. Stickers, leaflets, brochures, graffiti, or even removing of rival graffiti from the city walls, banners on bridges and overpasses, magazines, blogs, web portals, news sites, social networks, forums, images, designs, public speeches, poetry, attending speeches of the opponents, infiltration in rival groups, participating in the action of other similar groups … sending protest letters, making multimedia like movies or advertising videos, writing articles, helping others and spreading the ideals verbally … Those are only some of the examples.

As you can see, there’s a quite large ways of action of a single individual. Some of these methods are somewhat illegal, like graffiti. However, carried out in the right place and in the proper way (stencils), this method can be very effective. Never, and I mean never place graffiti or stickers on one’s private property such as cars, or houses and the like. Graffiti are very useful on the sidewalks and pavements, because many people habitually watch where they walk. Public places such as bus stops, train stations, and schoolyard are great places for activism.

The most important thing in activism is a strong will, clear and simple message and relentless and unstoppable persistence. The message shouldn’t be inciting to hate. It must be clearly defined in order to show that our ideas are positive. Act on emotions, use something that will shake people and provoke their positive reaction.

If you don’t have your own idea, don’t hesitate to copy some of those that are also positive, but that come from other organizations. There’s nothing wrong in copying from other like-minded groups. At least, this is even not important. Most important thing is to spread the message.

At the moment, there are plenty of groups that share some of our ideas. Most of them are politically based, and most of them operate under most difficult conditions and under great repression.

So, there are many organizations, many ideas, and it is left to you to be an initial crack of the system that we all despise. Be a positive example to others in all possible ways and always actively promote our ideas as the cause of it. Don’t be afraid of condemnation from some people, because when you get under the skin of many, those condemnations will be worthless.

Those who sit and wait for better tomorrow never achieved anything. You only get pain in the ass from sitting. So, get up, fight for what we all love, and get active!

For our race and our folk!

By Gammadion, TCM Croatia