The Ice Path The Way Forward by Billy Roper

The Ice Path

The Ice Path A Way Forward is the newest book by Billy Roper. I have enjoyed his books he has written so far especially his Hasten the Day trilogy which reviews can be found at this site. Billy Roper has written some excellent material for the White Nationalist cause and has become very prolific and this new book he has written was no exception.

In this book the author blends fiction of our heroic ancestors the Solutreans who were the first to discover North America predating the ‘Native Americans’ and interweaves his own autobiographical manifesto which provides a great deal of inspiration for people in our movement and gives White people outside of our movement a great sense of their ancestral heritage.

I really enjoyed the way this book was put together. It starts our ancestors 17,000 years ago and we get a good sense of their natural racial driven emotions towards their own kind when perhaps our people were much more in touch with what was really important and understand more about the posterity of the on going race. He jumped forward to various times leading up to today and we get to see the changes in attitude and personality as we get to the predicament we are into today. In between chapters he puts fourth his ‘Rules for Racialists’ autobiographical chapters which provide a lot of good advice and insight for White people.

This was a very unique and interesting book. I thought it was very inspiring the way he paints a vivid picture in his writing of what is was like for our brave, heroic, and admirable ancestors in a an exciting new world. I really enjoyed getting some background on the author as I have really enjoyed his books. After you read this you must ask yourself am I ready to go on The Ice Path? What is an honorable man to do when he knows what is really wrong and what must be done?

by Michael Jeffrey

Racial Observer