The End of Democracy


We Creators do not advocate that a country is run by a democracy.  We advocate The Leadership Principle, in which the country is run by a Racial Socialist government headed up by a racially loyal appointed leader.  The leader would be chosen by merit from those most qualified to choose.

Western democracy is a farce.  It is a game played by our Jew-loyal hostile elite.  They have managed quite well simply screwing people’s opinions by the mass media and by vote fraud where necessary.

Now their system is coming under stress.  The internet is the main reason. People can hear arguments and find out about corruption and so on via the internet that allows them to rebel against the world view that the mass media feeds us.

Just at this moment we have a situation where two “outsider” Presidential candidates in the US elections: Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump have been hampered by the “fixing” and corruption in their parties so that Sanders was denied opportunity to be the Democrat candidate – while his rival Hillary Clinton is boosted and promoted by big financial interests even to the extent of having various crimes she commits quashed.

The problem we have with this democracy is that it is so clearly a case of pretending people have a choice, but when they make “the wrong” choice, according to our rulers, the maximum effort is put into withdrawing that decision.

In Britain, the recent referendum had an unexpected result that, probably despite votes being tampered with, the majority result was to leave the European Union.

This result may well be stolen – either outlawed or some kind of controlled second referendum (again pointless if illegal to leave the EU) may take place.

Quite whether they will dare to do this, only time will tell.

This is accompanied by the appearance of articles trying to justify why democracy itself should be regarded as inferior to just having our elites decide what is best for us based on what their rich patrons and Zionist ideologues deem best.

How about this article on why it is time for the elite to rise up against the ignorant masses:  “Why Elections Are Bad for Democracy”.

An election in Austria is now having to be re-run as it was proved that fraud caused the “far right” candidate to lose.

Austria’s highest court has annulled the result of the presidential election narrowly lost by the candidate of the far-right Freedom Party.
The party had challenged the result, saying that postal votes had been illegally and improperly handled.
The Freedom Party candidate, Norbert Hofer, lost the election to the former leader of the Greens, Alexander Van der Bellen, by just 30,863 votes or less than one percentage point.
The election will now be re-run.


And here is a look into the election fraud in the US 2016 elections


It looks as though it is becoming harder to organize the vote frauds unnoticed.  Only one thing for it then – and that is to stop the people having any say in any important matters.  Very Protocols of the Elders of Zion.

by rev Jane

Source: Creativity on Blog