The Camp of the Saints by Jean Raspail

Camp of the Saints

The Camp of the Saints was written by acclaimed French author Jean Raspail in the early 1970s and first published in 1973. The title of the book is a reference to the Book of Revelation. The story depicts a scenario much like today where massive Third World immigration into Europe leads to the apocalyptic destruction of Western Civilization. This book was written as a dystopian novel, but unfortunately it is more so seen as a warning to the West of the impending doom which is upon us.

The Camp of the Saints explores the themes of the intrinsic altruistic nature of the White race and its lack of ethnocentrism, which has been proven to be our achilles heel and is leading to our demise. This is a very interesting novel and has gone onto influence many White Nationalist authors overs the decades, and it continues to do so today. This book tackles head on the race problem that we have faced as nations through forced integration, and with that being said it parallels the predicament that we find ourselves in today i.e. ‘the Syrian refugee crisis’. This book shows what happens when major demographic change, which is contrived and not a natural progression shows its true ugly colors. This is certainly not an inspirational novel and can be at times somewhat arduous and very depressing, but with that being said it is definitely worth reading and of value because of the significance of what is happening in our homelands today.

The edition I have is published by The Social Contract press which is most certainly a definitive edition that was translated by Norman Shapiro. This edition includes an interview with author Jean Raspail and also includes some articles about the book and some reader reviews taken from Amazon. The length of the book is about 300 pages and is retailed at a reasonable price. I would recommend this book to any proud White man or woman who is still capable of independent thought and is concerned about our future as a race.

For more information and a link to buy this book visit The Social Contract Press.

by Michael Jeffrey

Racial Observer