TCM Leadership – current status


There are many out there who don’t know how the TCM is governed and how it is led. All of these people who claim they don’t know, clearly don’t communicate with the church. Some have been told and even invited to sit in on our council meetings we do once a month, yet still go out an say there is no leadership in TCM. Why, don’t ask me, they obviously have there own reasons for such deception.

Now one can go and read for themselves how PME Klassen intended the church leadership to function. The sentiment in “The Leadership principle”, but also in Expanding Creativity which goes into greater depth on functionality. It was finalized in the last chapter of Trials, Tribulations and Triumphs. In where PME Klassen instructed Rick Mcarty to form the Guardians of the Faith Commitee. Believe it or not, as worthless as Mcarty was he actually did that. The result was the appointment of Rev Matt Hale later becoming PM. Now i wont go into the history of it but instead tell you what and why the church has become now.

But first let me say those who call or some “demand” a new PM or a figurehead clearly don’t understand reality. It seems they are stuck in this National Socialist or political mindset in where we need one polarizing person. To many they think that will magically bring everyone back under one banner. This is very naive thinking. The people who went out of there way to create their own organizations for THEM to lead will never relinquish their imagined power or end whatever they created. Instead they will find fault in THAT leader and use said faults to make a platform for dissention. But i wont get into that either. To the enemies of our faith, namely ZOG or anti whites, the person will be a target. Let us not forget the massive lesson we recently learned from the absurd elimination of our esteemed Rev Hale. He was a charismatic, eloquent speaking person that was THE polarizing image of Creativity and our church. They wanted to take us down, all they had to do was eliminate him, and obviously they did. But why did the church last? Some may say because me, my ego my partially feel the same. HaHa. But in reality it was because unlike any political group or movement that puts all their stock in a person, ours in lies in our creed. There are many who didn’t realize this and fled. Most of these same people joined up because of Rev Hale and NOT because of Creativity. This is something i wanted to change. Hence why i took the church in the direction it had to, to survive. Because all things must evolve in order to survive.


One of the biggest issues in my early days of the church was that so, SO many people in the church were absolutely ignorant to Creativity. I even ran into people who said they were Odinists and Creators at the same time, I ran into one guy who asked me if we used the “king James” version of the Bible. This was an actual member of the church! Absurd! But in those days, under Rev Hale, the church was primarily focused on confrontational activism and took no responsibility for the education of its own members. Men like Rev Hale would always encourage people to study our books but it was never monitored or enforced as i believe it should be. In TCM USA today we require a short Creativity exam even to become a full member. But that is why the majority of the church’s membership in those days fled after Hale’s arrest. It wasn’t because of me as some will have people believe.

However we took that lesson, a lesson many throughout the cause should realize and changed things. Change never comes easy or without a price. Our price was sacrificing our quantity for better quality. Some will say that is a price any one with common sense will pay, however the critics will find fault in it. They didn’t see the numbers, i did and still have them on file. At one point in time we had 127 dues paying members in the state of Illinois alone. Yet when we did any activism we would only get 15 to 20. That fact is unacceptable. I understand that there are people who didn’t want to be “exposed”, because of their careers, but that is a rare circumstance. So once again something they didn’t to change.

Now back to the subject at hand. I will do so with a FAQ style commentary.

Why don’t we have a Pontifex Maximus?

Very simple. As i explained above we want people who join to focus on the religion and not any one man. There are potential PM’s, all of which either cant do it or wont. Whatever their reasoning. There is one i personally would like to see, but there is even problems with it. For one he isn’t an American which could be problematic, with legality and communication with the bulk of TCM that is here in the states. Two i don’t think he is entirely ready for the flack, slander and problems that come with being that figurehead. Besides we want to build or foundation strong and durable before we build our house. We wish to recruit a main basis who are educated and dedicated to Creativity first and foremost. That has been the main purpose of this church for years. Unlike but kinda like a political party who has one main polarizing figurehead at its very tip top, it must first start with local leaders, build up to state, national rep’s then a president. Trump didn’t form the republican party but someone who was chosen from among its ranks. WE NEED THE RANKS! Instead of planting a simple tree no matter how big or strong, its still just a tree that can be cut down. We don’t want to plant a tree, we want to plant a forest!

Will we ever have a Pontifex Maximus?

Of course. But only when we have a consistent, reliable GFC and membership base who knows and understands the purpose of the Church is to Creativity. Just as the purpose of Creativity is to straighten out the white mans thinking. All good things come in time and that person will shine above all, he will gain respect from all, and if he is right he will be called to leadership by all. You cannot force someone into a position they don’t want or are destined to. As i spoke about myself,when i was elected PM, i knew at the start this wouldn’t last. Hence why i resigned before i besmirched the title. Some men have the patience and fortitude to be a leader. They can be charismatic and eloquent, intelligent, firm but proper. But most of all they must understand they speak for Creativity, its adherents and answer to the will of the creed and the people. In reality a leader such as this isn’t a leader but a willing slave to the will of the cause. They must have the temperament i never had. I will rather punch someone in the face that I’m having a difference of opinion with then have a rational discussion. As much as i quelled my need at times i cant always do so, as a legitimate leader of our faith should.

So how is the church governed?

We are ran by the Guardians of the Faith Committee. We meet once a month for a video Skype meeting. To discuss all church business, including but not limited to, new members, book and literature corrections, plus its distribution, recruitment efforts, propaganda, local updates, etc. We have been doing this consistently for 2 years now and always have at least 9 of its 11 members always active for the meeting.

Who are these Guardians?

They are chosen from the most active, dedicated, consistent members of our church. They are representatives of the their own chapters and locations. They cannot be from the same chapter. They must be proven or highly respected among the majority of Creators.

What are their duties?

The assignments are mostly chosen from the GFC as a hole and are on a case to case basis. But for the most part their duty is to remain active, remain consistent and keep communications running. They are charged with making decisions when called upon. All actions are discussed and voted upon by the GFC. No one acts alone, unless it is a decision among their own chapter that does not effect TCM as a whole.

How does one contact the GFC?

Here recently we have removed all contacts, either from inactivity or to repurpose contacts through a joint effort. The main contact is on the website.

Now from this point i present this and would like anyone else on here to ask their questions. I hope this clears up any questions, if not then ask, dont assume. As far as any other functionality, if you are not an active part of this church, you do not need to know.

Thank you.

Rev James Logsdon