TCM England helping in promotion of TCM Poland: If it's too expensive – DIY!

Creativity means Solidarity

There’s a Creator in England who was looking for Polish Creativity stickers and flyers because there is a large Polish population where he lives. TCM England got in touch with our fellow Creators in Poland to ask if they could send across a few of their high quality stickers. They were eager to oblige, but they would be expensive to ship over and they are best keeping what they have for themselves. So English Creators decided to make the following with humble printing machine. They aren’t great, as they aren’t in fully color and fade in the sun and rain. But they are useful for now.

This show the contrast between the Creator and the ‘chauvinist’. The ignorant ‘chauvinists’ wants to violently deport other White people that are of a different national origin, whereas the Racially Loyal Creator, knowing that White Racial Solidarity is the ONLY way to ensure the survival of White people, looks to reach out to his or her fellow White people, no matter the nation of origin, and arouse their racial instincts.

BTW, designs of original stickers were made in – Croatia!