Spanish Anti-Racist Randomly Pushed in Front of a Train by “Asylum Seeker”

Lucas Jurando, a recently married Spanish student living in Sweden was pushed onto the tracks in a Stockholm subway station, and was crushed by a train.

The suspect, a Black homeless beggar, is believed to have randomly pushed him, and is charged with attempted murder.

Jurando is still alive, but his neck and skull was broken, and his foot had to be amputated. He has been married to a Costa Rican woman since April 2016.

I was alerted by a scream in the area. Before that, it seemed the platform was calm and there was no indication of the quarrel or dispute. It seems to have taken place suddenly” an anonymous witness told Swedish news site Fria Tider.

She screamed for her husband, it was a heartbreaking scene that will not be forgotten for a while. Many people around were badly affected by the event, especially around the accident site. We were concerned and bewildered not knowing quite what to do.

Jurando has apparently blocked his friends on Facebook who vote for Sweden Democrats, the only major political party in Sweden which wants to end mass immigration.

Jurando’s wife is also an “anti-racist” who has posted things like “In your next life you might be the boat refugee.

There is a lesson to be learned here. You can donate money to Africa, you can adopt Guatemalan orphans, you can spend your time complaining about White “privilege” in countries that have traditionally been full of White people.

But – at the end of the day, you are still White. You are still seen as the enemy of both the Western elite which wants to annihilate White areas, and certain non-White people who believe you to be their oppressors.

The truth is, “anti-racist” is really just a code word for anti-White.

Liberia only allows Black people to be citizens, but you’ve never heard any “anti-racists” complain about that.

It’s simply about getting rid of White places.

Source: White Genocide Project