Slavery Returns as Darkness Encroaches


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Although slavery became illegal in majority White countries centuries ago, slavery has always been present in the Third World and only the influence of the White race has minimised this scourge.

Some sources claim that today there are more slaves in the world than ever before.

As Creators one of our main objections to slavery is a eugenic argument. We Creators believe in racial separation. We want only to live among other White people. When people keep slaves they have historically had the problem of interbreeding between the masters and the slaves. This lowers the racial quality of the population. Historically this kind of racial mixing has destroyed White civilisations and we can see from the fate of India that even a strict caste system, separating the people on shades of skin and forbidding intermarriage or even forbidding socialising across caste lines did not prevent the relentless darkening process. India is a basket-case country of huge genetic diversity and the chaos and corruption that inevitably follows.

See “Lessons from the Laboratory of India” Chapter 3 in Nature’s Eternal Religion.

Multi-racialists dream of a world where no one is a slave, not to mention no one being made to work in unhealthy conditions or for too low a wage. They see this as inevitable progress.  How wrong they are. Their attempts to bring masses of non-Whites into our lands have the very opposite effect. The communities these muds form allow for all kinds of inhuman treatment of each other and increasingly of our own White folk.

The refugee camps have children being used as prostitutes – trafficked to the West specifically for this purpose all too often.  And the Rotherham scandal in England is perhaps the best example of the mass exploitation of over a thousand White girls by Asian male paedophiles. This exploitation has not ended and is doubtlessly going on in other cities.


Creators protest against ‘grooming gangs’ in Rotherham

This week a case in England was highlighted in the news. A White teenage girl was kidnapped by an Asian man who she claims raped her and sold her babies over a period of thirteen years – before she made her escape. The method the man used was to pick on a girl who came from a severely dysfunctional family in which her mother did not care at all about her daughter’s disappearance.

The tragedy of this case shows the creeping return of a savage world in which our civilisation regresses into brutality and chaos. We should rightly feel that these savages are biding their time until there is no organised law and order that intends to protect people from such predatory monsters.

The encroachment of non-Whites into our lands brings slavery back and there can be no doubt that where the White race no longer holds power over a society, that society will bring back slavery. All the Abrahamic religions, Judaism, Christianity and Islam have rules on how to keep slaves. At least with these rules some slaves would have less of a cruel ordeal than when it is happening outside of any law – but it would still be really horrendous.

Apart from our eugenic reasons for wanting racial segregation, we Creators would not want to keep slaves because Nature’s Finest would not enjoy oppressing anyone as a slave. We would like all workers to enjoy a fruitful happy life with values of fairness and mutual cooperation. Among our own kind this is not a utopian dream, but a very practical realism. We must work hard to make this brighter whiter world.

~Rev. Jane