Revolt magazine (Croatian)


For almost two years, a small group of Creators from small country Croatia made a monthly magazine called Revolt. For most of you who don’t know anything about Croatia, it’s a country that still has very big white population, and racial diversity is still not such a problem. But, for the last decade there was a big wave of all sorts of degenerative organizations that promote racial disaster, as in any other European country.

Croatian section of TCM, made up of small number of dedicated people, manage to disrupt this “anti-racist” trend with – Revolt. For two years many Croats, Serbs and Slovenians get in touch with our stories. There was many topics, but most of them related to racial awareness, historical issues (holohoax revisionism), health, and society in general.

Because of the “anti-fascist” dictatorship in Croatia, Revolt was found as a “magazine who promotes hatred and calls for extermination of other races“, even there’s not one single word about extermination or other call for any sort of violence in it. Because of security reasons, publishing of magazine is stopped … for some time.

You can find all published issues here.