Racial Socialism Creates White Communities


Unlike minority groups in our lands, there is no such thing as “the White community”, a feeling among White people that we are all one. Whites nevertheless have been brain polluted with a collective guilt taught to them by the anti-White culture we have to live in.

Now it looks like our people increasingly have had enough of the guilt trip. They are still too individualistic, but their view is that as individuals they are annoyed by being expected to feel guilt for the supposed crimes of the White race. In a sense the increased individualism (while a bad thing in itself) has at least encouraged this sense that they are sick of being blamed.

We Creators realise the blame-game is an exploitation by our racial enemies of our natural tendency to be altruistic. This is a quality that helps us create civilisation and is based upon high levels of shared genetic interest. The more genetically diverse a race is, the less instinct they have to help others as has been demonstrated repeatedly by objective scientists such as William Hamilton, who even came up with an equation to calculate how the genetic trait of altruism evolved and is maintained rather than lost in the everyday competition to survive faced by all life forms.

The silent majority have shown that they are individuals who do not appreciate being made responsible for others misfortunes, and this can explain the votes for Brexit or Donald Trump. There is also an emerging socialistic side to this, which does show concern for the plight of other people, as evidenced by the cross-over between Bernie Sanders and Trump supporters.

What these people need to understand is that real true socialism is grounded in kin selection – in helping and being helped by our own kind. False socialism is about taking from those who produce and giving it to exploitative parasites. This is why we Creators are Racial Socialists and want to wake up our individualist brethren and our pathologically socialist brethren (those who just think being kind to everyone without discrimination is a good idea and thus who are fully exploited by racial enemies keen to cheat them).

Science has shown that the most effective behaviour for a group is to practice a form of collectivism which involves a strong sense of expectation that others will not exploit us. This is called “tit for tat” and differs from the strategies of being a “sucker” or being a “cheat”. Just think about these three strategies for one moment. They explain so much of what is happening in the world!

We Creators envisage more than just a White community, we strive for all Whites to be unified under our racial religion. Given time, Whites will come together and understand who the enemies are and natural selection will shape our racial future and force us towards our racial religion where racial loyalty is not just a side-line but is the whole point.

by Rev Jane

TCM England