Observations on the Orlando Incident

Untitled-1 Yesterday the US had the most fatalities ever from a mass shooting in the country. About 50 homosexuals in a “gay bar” were gunned down.


While initial hopes in some parts of the media were that a racially loyal White man must be responsible, it turned out that it was a Muslim who was inspired by Islamic fundamentalism.

In a modern sense, the terrorist attack is a strike against the degenerate western culture that American imperialism – controlled by Jewish interests – forces on the whole world. It is more than an ages-long cultural gap between the Middle East and West.  If you went back less than a century in the West there would be almost universal shock and condemnation of the deviancy now touted not only as “western values” but as ideal “human” values for the global village people.  Our great grand parents’ generation would wonder how such clubs could exist without causing violent reactions.

When Muslims are violent in the name of their religion, we can generally be sure that it fits coherently with their faith, in their interpretation, and is not simply random. We can assume they actually read their holy book, the Koran. When a Christian is violent in the name of Christianity, it will inevitably conflict with Jesus’ message and will be inconsistent, perhaps instinctive outrage and sense of abhorrence, or else plain insanity. Few Christians study their bible. The Jesus character preached forgiveness and pacifism in dealing with enemies no matter what.  Muslims are permitted to be violent or forgiving depending on the circumstances.

“The trouble with most people who profess to be Christians is that they have never taken the trouble to really read the New Testament to which they claim to be so dedicated. Those who have read smatterings of it have not put the pieces together and understood what it is all about. While they are devoutly meandering and laboring through a labyrinth of impossible contradictions and meaningless generalities, they never suspect that the whole purpose of the book is to confuse, divide and demoralize the White Race”.

From Natures Eternal Religion chapter 13, “The New Testament”.

There are a number of communities from Muslims to Christians and non-theists who do not like homosexuals and where no tears will be shed over the massacre at the “gay” club in Orlando, Florida.  Among Jews also, there are some that feel strong hate towards gay pride in Israeli cities.  They are not worried when the goyim wallow in filth though – often the filth is provided by them.

Promotion of homosexuality is part of the agenda to make everyone believe only in lies and to kill Truth.  We are meant to lose our sense of sexual identity and sexual roles along with our racial identity or even our species identity – in the case of suggesting we can choose to be an animal of any kind!  The collective result is important, and individual freedom contributes to that.

Creativity opposes homosexuality because it contravenes our Golden Rule: What is Good for the White Race is the Highest Virtue, and What is Bad for the White Race is the Ultimate Sin.

by rev Jane

Source: Creativity on Blog