More White Babies Needed


Rev Matt Hale wrote some very wise words in his article on Children and Our Future as a Race.  Possibly this article contains the wisest words he has ever written, so please read it.

I wish I could have had more than the 7 children I have!

Part of the problem not mentioned by Matt is how partners need to communicate correctly to keep a relationship going.

Never let the sun set on an argument” is an old saying and a good one. Bitterness and resentment is never worthwhile and it is a good idea even to simply apologize, say you love someone, and make up with them even if you feel perhaps they were the one at fault.

Women need regular assurance that their man cares about them and if she feels properly loved she will produce babies that are healthy and loved in turn.

Both men and women should also practice the advice famously explained in the book “Men are from Mars and Women are from Venus” that neither partner should feel they have put much more effort into a relationship than the other. There should be a generally equal number of “strokes” in terms of positive things said to and done for the other.
Relationships must be worked on and can’t be just taken for granted if they are going to last and be successful.

We have so many single men and women who struggle even to relate correctly to one another and maintain a relationship let alone to take that further and put their efforts into producing a large family.

The family is the basic grounding of our racial identity.  How can we have racial cohesion without that?  First is the family (not the individual as our failing society cons people into thinking) then from that is built a homogeneous tribe, blood-bonded nation and race. We love our race but where would it be at all without the family as the basis of society?

There must be less obsession with the self and an identity sought as a couple and within a family.

In evolution first there were self-replicating organisms and later some became sexually reproducing.  But in a very real sense a male or a female alone is only a half thing. It needs the opposite sex to become a whole organism and fulfill nature’s instruction to produce more of one’s own kind.

by rev Jane, TCM UK

Source: Creativity on Blog