Modern Liberalism and its dangerous metamorphosis


In this day and age we see the constant D.C. reality show of politics. I sat down and wrote a huge article post election results, concerning the outcome and what is to follow. I however sat on it and now am in a different mindset. I see many positives with the election results. I also see the same negatives I knew would come with it. Allot of the status quo kosher conservatism we have grown to see. The anger and hatred that fueled Trump’s campaign has died down very quickly, all the while the venom from the left has only picked up speed.

I know I may be jumping the gun here as he is not in office yet, however if this is a sign to come it is not a good thing. What we have come to see from Republicans in America is allot of puffed up talk. The left accuses them of being “warmongers” and “racists”. Yes they have been more quick to conflict, that has only led to a greater funding to further their side projects and end up being more of a failed international policing attempts. The latter, “racists” well those of us that are pro White and right leaning know that is not true. The constant Israeli¬† butt kissing has been a rather constant proof of their control. A control the left has but not as controlled as we see from the right. But I’ll get into that soon enough.

No, your typical Republican conservative politician fits the derogatory label “cuckservative” to a T. I normally hate the title because it is such a vulgar thought, but yes. They are like a puffed up beta male posing as an alpha, espousing all sorts of tough talk, a few tough actions all the while someone else is banging his wife right in front of him!!! While he does nothing but piss and moan. His tough talk is his political stances that rarely result in any long lasting positive changes. All the while watching while degenerate leftists destroy everything around him he holds dear without any real actions.

For example if this were the 1800’s Hillary Clinton would of been hung in a public square and any politician that failed to act on the demands of the public to do so would find himself ousted and turned into a public pariah. No, these right wing politicians are sitting back watching while this liberal social experiment bangs the crap out of America. Our ideals, our morals, our history, our pride, etc… All flushed down the toilet. There isn’t much left brothers and sisters of what we know as “America” other then the sentiment in our hearts that was passed down to us through generations by our forefathers. Nothing in our policies or standpoints that resonant with the idea of what we believe it to be.