Ministry of Truth Identifies “Fake News”


Since the stunning and upsetting victory of Donald Trump over Hillary Clinton,  the mainstream press and upset Democrats have been embarrassed by the exposure of their lies and bias.  During the election they repeatedly ridiculed and demonised Trump and his supporters while telling their viewers or readers that he stood no chance and that Clinton was certain to win.  The news coverage from these outlets was pure propaganda, as it nearly always is – with opinion makers and social engineers warping facts.

There are are some facts about events reported in the mainstream media, of course, because they have to give an impression of trust and then they slip in their lies or simply do not report on important events in the hope no one ever finds out.  Hard to do that in the internet age!

In our “politically correct” anti-White culture truth itself is often classed as if it is something nasty and “fascist”.  Even in court, the accused is often met with the objection “the truth is no defence”.  In other words there is a sacred narrative on many topics, the main ones being the holocaust or racial equality, and the facts are not only discarded in these cases, but facts are considered highly offensive.

We Creators set ourselves apart from this culture based on lies, in which reality is being stolen in the biggest heist chutzpah could attempt. Our religion is a life-line to rise above the contradictions and insane non-sequitur arguments.  We Creators are immune to all of it when we understand our clearly written holy books.

What we see happening now is that the purveyors of lies have panicked, having been side-lined by internet information coming from other sites that provide a critique of the mainstream narrative,  sites that also present information on things happening in the world that would otherwise be ignored or twisted.  This mass switch to preferring to get information from popular sites on the internet and social media was seemingly a big surprise to the establishment.  The impact and reach of alternative views by these means was ignored, presumably out of the arrogance of the mainstream media who felt they themselves were perceived to be the trusted source.

The mainstream provides us with news and opinions that make a point of being misleading and calculated to manipulate.  They are the “fake news”.

A very Jewish trick, used time and time again is the old “accuse the accuser” method, which now has been used rather stupidly as if it is a reflex action like a baby spitting out its dummy and screaming.

Israel accuses the Palestinians of trying to wipe out Israel,  the Nazis of trying to wipe the Jews out  (and any number of other nations that previously “persecuted” the Jews). We know the Polish saying “the Jew cries out in pain when he hits you”.  Likewise the accusations that White people are trying to enslave and kill non-Whites – when the least “racist” people (who we are trying to wake up to defend their interests) are Whites.  There are many more examples.

In this same spirit of “accuse the accuser”, while distracting attention from the abject failure of mainstream news, they have decided to point at various internet channels that contradict their poisoned narrative and call them “fake news”.

The term “fake news” itself is silly in this context.  There are some sites on the internet that contain click bait made up news stories – and these are a nihilistic attempt to just make up false quotes from politicians or ridiculous scenarios with no humour in them.  The odd thing is that those sites (which are just in written form rather than having channels with any sort of journalism) are not the ones that the establishment is alarmed by.  Indeed they would no doubt be happy to see the public getting misled and confused by such sites listed at

The idea with this accusation of “fake news” is nothing to do with that valid list of annoying nonsense but is targeted at genuine dissident voices such as,, etc. The Creativity Movement is not endorsing such sites, and I am just pointing out the direction of these sinister accusations which are aimed against freedom of speech and dissent from the ruling power.

The source that is being promoted to expose such “fake news”, until a more official list has been made by government agencies in the US, is a company calling itself  Compare the flavour of the two different anti “fake news” sites and you can see that the target of propornot is starkly different to the valid gripes that fakenewswatch has.

Opinion is not the same thing as “news” yet this distinction is also lost in the desperation to throw a silencing blanket.  I am sure if my readership on creativityonblog was high enough propornot would be calling my site “fake news”.  You get the idea.

George Orwell’s dystopian world in his book “1984” has a “Ministry of Truth” with the purpose of telling people what they should think and what they cannot, and controlling what information is available.  It is very silly of the mainstream to fall so neatly into being exactly the tyrannical maniacs that their dissident opposition paints them as being.  They are only hastening their own demise.  It is funny to watch them doubling down on their mistakes. We live in interesting times.

~Rev. Jane