Jews Say ((( ))) is “Hate Speech”

Browsing The Guardian this afternoon I came across an article published yesterday that shows how crazy and paranoid the Jews are.

Antisemitism watchdog adds (((echo))) symbol to hate list after Jews targeted

Maybe I am somehow out of the loop on these things, but I had never heard of this concept, nor the blog “Right Stuff” that they blame for popularising it.

Probably should have a glance at it at least –  and maybe see what the fuss is about.

The whole thing is bizarre and utterly ridiculous.  What an over-reaction about nothing. Yet, in their alarm, they inform the Guardian readers on just how touchy they are and also give some useful prompts to the uninitiated in finding out just how culpable they are as well!  A bit of an own-goal.

“In Right Stuff propaganda, you’ll often read that Jewish names ‘echo’. According to the blog’s lexicon page, ‘all Jewish surnames echo throughout history’. In other words, the supposed damage caused by Jewish people reverberates from decade to decade.”

Mischief-makers will more than likely want to apply the multiple parentheses to torment and provoke Those Who We May Never Criticise – when before only a handful of people even knew about this triviality.  Talk about over-sensitivity!

An interesting quote that shows how paranoid they are was one I heard an over-rated Chosen comedienne joking about years ago.  She pointed out the well known anecdote that Jews always have a suitcase packed (and their gold/jewels ready to swallow) in case there is a pogrom and they have to leave (no matter where they live) and went on to laugh about the fact they are indeed so jumpy (a sign of guilt) that if someone would drop a pin on the floor of a synagogue all the Jews would leap up in terror, believing they were under attack from an outraged host population.

If anyone non-Jewish can detect who is a Jew and has a general idea what they are doing – that scares the be-golem out of them.  With the internet, this awareness is spreading so rapidly that it cannot be contained.

But they try to, in rather hilarious ways.  So when some internet trolls decided to start a new meme of putting a few parenthesis symbols around the names of Jews  – this was enough for a fear of a genuine holocaust to be just around the corner and has to be declared as a heinous crime.

They know that if people find out what they are up to they really would have to evacuate and fast.  Historically this has repeatedly happened sooner or later – just as Lincoln Rockwell parodied in his classic poem “The Fable of the Ducks And the (((Hens)))”.