(((Insert Jewish Supremacist Here)))


The premier Jewish led hate group the Anti-Defamation League (ADL) announced Monday, June 6th that it has added a new symbol to it’s ‘Hate symbol database’. The symbol they speak of is known as the echo, and it is executed by surrounding Jewish names and institutions with parenthesis i.e. three on each side e.g. (((Sheldon Adelson))).

The (((Echo))) has its origins back to 2014, when it was used on the podcast The Daily Shoah, in the Merchant Minute segment, under the auspices of the blog entitled The Right Stuff. In this podcast an echo sound effect is employed when a Jewish surname was mentioned. It was explained by the hosts of the radio program that all Jewish surnames echo throughout history,In other words, the supposed damage caused by Jewish people reverberates from decade to decade. Since then it has really taken off in the Alt-Right i.e. the young conservative sector, that still has their masculinity, and whom are not fond of Jewish hegemony and political correctness.

The (((Echo))) has really taken off on social media, especially Twitter and has proved to be an invaluable innovative way to identify and exemplify exactly how dominated our media, government, and other institutions are by Jewish Supremacists. I often wished that for one day by some miracle all Jews turned a different color for 24 hours, say blue to illustrate how all of our nerve centers of power have been infiltrated, and fortunately now with this (((Echo))) meme we can display the Jewish domination of our society to the masses.

It is really incredible the innovations that the Alt-Right is pursuing for our cause. We must get with the times and employ new tactics for facing our age-old enemy, or we will be left behind in the dust. I encourage all White Nationalists that are reading this to utilize this meme henceforth.

Addendum: Some Jews have now embraced the echo meme, and have added parentheses around their usernames on Twitter as a sign of solidarity and defiance. We should emphatically say good, let the Jews display themselves, and show the world how ubiquitous Jewish power is in all of our nerve centers and institutions.

by Michael Jeffrey

Source: Racial Observer