Highway To Valhalla by Fred Barrett Woodward

Highway to Valhalla

I have been very grateful to have been in a position to get an opportunity to read all kinds of literature written by interesting people, whom comprise the White Nationalist movement. I was contacted by e-mail by Fred Barrett Woodward, whom is the author of a new White Nationalist novel, Highway To Valhalla and he had expressed interest in having me review his book. I graciously accepted his offer to review the book and he sent me a copy gratis. Fred B. Woodward is a retired aeronautical systems analyst and a former Squadron Adjutant in the Canadian Armed Forces Air Reserve. Mr. Woodward is the author of this debut novel, which was released in early 2016.

The protagonist in this novel is a 25 year old European Canadian named Carl Weber, who owns a company in the private sector, which specializes in Electronics Surveillance. Carl soon joins a fictional White Nationalist organization, which is called the Euro-Canadian League. This is entirely a work of fiction and no such group as the one described in the book currently exists in the Pro-White movement. Carl then works his way up learning the ins and outs of the Euro-Canadian League and he quickly rises within the organization. It is in this organization that Carl meets his love interest, a very desirable Valerie Melnyk. From there on out the book is filled with romance, action and adventure.

In reading this novel it became very evident to me that the author was very well-versed when it came to the subject of world history. Countless historical examples and figures are mentioned, along with many references to very important books on the subject of race. The author seems to have a in-depth understanding of racial differences but when it comes to the Jewish question, he falls flat and seems to have a predilection of viewing them in a favorable light, or even in a sympathetic way. It is my opinion that when we think in terms of our racial problem we must be unequivocally opposed to Judaism as a religion and the Jewish interests that are concomitant with that religion, which are diametrically opposed to healthy European interests. The author identifies the enemies as the Marxists, but is unwilling to recognize our malaise as being contrived by various Jewish movements.

Fiction can be a very powerful medium for getting a message across, especially a political message, however this book may lead some of our people down a dead-end street. It is my opinion, that it is of fundamental importance to educate our people about the root cause of our misfortune, which has been in the past and continues today to be largely caused by Jewish interests, which clash with our interests. Overall this is a pretty entertaining book, the author is clearly an intellectual by any measure of merit and is quite a fantastic writer, especially this being his debut novel, I presume. This book will not go down as the new Turner Diaries but it is well worth a read.

by Michael Jeffrey

Racial Observer