Glaring Hypocrisy: Interview with Holocaust Truther Jim Rizoli

On July 20, 2016, we recorded this hour-long Skype interview with Jim Rizoli of Framingham, Massachusetts. Jim is a longtime cable television producer, political activist, and Holocaust truther. And he’s perhaps best known, internationally, for his “League of Extraordinary Revisionists” series, for which he interviews the cream of the crop of historical revisionists.

During this conversational interview, we discuss such topics as Jim’s recent excursion to Toronto to interview German WWII survivors; of course, the Holocaust itself, and why all three of us prefer to call it the Holohoax, and other Jewish categories of thought and why it’s crucially important that we take a careful look at the language we have been trained to use; our varied meandering paths into uncovering the myths of the Holocaust; the recent Brexit vote concerning the UK’s (supposedly) leaving the European Union; the “refugee” crisis, forced immigration and miscegenation; and we even touch, briefly, upon faith — of interest, as it turns out, to all three of us.

We hope you enjoy the interview as much as we did talking with Jim Rizoli.

Source: Glaring Hypocrisy