French Told to Just Accept the Terrorism


Nearly a hundred people in France were killed by an Islamic terrorist driving over their bodies as they joined a Bastille Day parade.

Many of us are thinking that the French people would like to ban Muslims from France.  You know, that “unworkable” idea that US Presidential candidate Donald Trump has been constantly ridiculed for suggesting in his country.

The Prime Minister of France would not consider such a final solution for one moment.  No, the message Manuel Valls has came out loud and clear: France must “learn to live with terrorism”.

What would happen if Muslims were banned from France?  Jews just might be next.

If this terrorism came from any racially loyal French organization the response would have been the exact opposite.

The French have to learn not to live. They have to learn to die. That is essentially the intention of the semites running their country.

by rev Jane

Source: Creativity on Blog