Fluoride Damaging Children’s Brains


Did you know that the IQ of children in areas where water has added fluoride is notably lower than where it has not been added?

Like vaccination, fluoride is a mass medication imposed on our people by the state.  We are treated as a herd and given medicine that allows the weak and the irresponsible to be preserved with harm to the healthy and intelligent.  A dysgenic effect.

Rather than educate people better on the effects of a high sugar unhealthy diet, the state simply adds fluoride to water, instructs dentists to coat children’s teeth with the stuff and tells us to use toothpaste with fluoride in with little emphasis on any health warnings.

The closest there is to a health warning on toothpaste is that you are warned on the product that young children should only have a tiny amount and be supervised. Yet few parents treat toothpaste as a dangerous substance that they should keep away from children.  It has a nice taste and children are likely to swallow it in amounts that cause problems.

Why does the state mass medicate us with fluoride?  At best, it is to reduce the amount of tooth decay caused by sugary diets.  At worst, the effect on the brain, to reduce intelligence but could it cause a pacifying effect on people as well?

Since genuine campaigners against fluoride are keen that we don’t believe the internet meme  about “Nazis” controlling Jews in camps by adding fluoride, it looks as if that idea only risks discrediting the scientifically valid concerns over fluoride use.

Fluoride toxicity is also a factor in a number of serious diseases: cancer, arthritis, bone fracture, cardio vascular disease, diabetes, endocrine disruption, gastrointestinal effects, hypersensivity, kidney disease, male fertility, pineal gland, skeletal fluorosis and thyroid disease.

The research pointing to these concerns has been compiled by the Fluoride Action Network.  LINK

There is fluoride in high levels in many foods.  This is due to chemicals used in growing these fruits and vegetables and is not present in the organic varieties – or at least it SHOULD not be.  If you grow your own produce that will be fine, but even organic farmers are unwittingly using fluoride as it has incorrectly been validated as acceptable.

As Creators, we know that medicines are best avoided and that the medical-drug/chemical complex is a powerful international network that has sabotaged the peoples’ health and poisoned our planet.

by rev Jane, TCM UK

Source: Creativity on Blog