Creator View of a Trump Presidency


It is fantastic news that Donald Trump has just been announced as the next US President. As one commentator put it “now the planet might live a bit longer” – well at least the threat of World War 3, which his rival Hillary Clinton appeared to relish, is diminished considerably. The threat from climate change may be no different though.

Donald Trump is in many respects an unknown quantity, however there is no doubt he is vastly preferable to the candidates he defeated when all aspects are considered in total. Here is someone who genuinely  opposes the establishment in real ways and has the strength of character to bring a revolution with immediate effect.

The mass media saw Trump as an existential threat, as did other politicians of all stripes, the powers behind these politicians, the money powers etc. And they have already burned their bridges enough at this stage for us to call it a “regime change” scenario.

However, will Trump even be allowed to continue from this point? We shall see.

Race war has never been closer, as non whites are right now being rallied to blame White Men and to see White people as legitimate targets for their artificially incited wrath. Please be careful out there American White people!

Within a short time of Donald Trump settling in as President there will be strong signs of a reversal of the “cultural Marxist” hold on institutions including schools and universities.

Had Clinton won, she was planning to bring in even more of a flood of immigrants than ever, with the intention to ensure America could never be White again. We can expect this not to be happening while the new hope is springing – an “American Spring”  of sorts. Hillary was intending to stamp down on freedom of speech like never before. She wanted various media outlets such as Breitbart and Infowars closed down, and looked as if she wanted to lock up anyone who could be labelled as mildly “alt right” for example. We Creators are a long way ideologically from most of this ill defined group (“alt right”) but share a number of views. An Orwellian nightmare really has been avoided for the time being. This is something Creators can be so relieved about!  Instead of more doors and opportunities for our race closing, there will be some of the previously closed doors opening.

However we should in no way expect President Trump to embrace our ideals about race or to be an open friend to Creativity or White racially loyal groups. That is not to say that he certainly opposes our views, only that he is going to continue to be a people-pleaser as leader and the public have to first be educated and see things our way before we can feel able to spread our truth unobstructed by the new order.

From the way things look we should be very happy that against the odds someone as anti-establishment as Donald Trump has appeared. A turn most definitely in a positive direction. We Creators will push forward with this in mind and with our greatest ally the Eternal Laws of Nature as the wind beneath our wings.

by Rev Jane

TCM England