Corruption Exposed

The present election of the next President of the United States has been a gripping spectacle of sleazy accusations and covers ripped off the barely concealed shady dealings of the hostile elite. Former “conspiracy theories” are regularly turning out to be accurate.

There are interesting implications for the whole public concept of morality after this farcical and almost surreal flaunting of brazen corruption – and the way that Democrat supporters in particular have had to face the fact they could abandon their own self-respect to support a candidate (Hillary Clinton) who is nothing remotely like the person they either want her to be or want her even to pretend to be. They need to maintain an illusion or face cognitive dissonance after all.

It is happening in America, but it impacts strongly on the rest of the world.

America was supposed to be the reliable “policeman of the world” but the truth being rapidly exposed mainly through Wikileaks is showing the world that this policeman thinks it is just fine to bribe, torture and commit all sorts of sick crimes including rape and paedophilia. All this bolstered by declaring “American Exceptionalism”.

When people could ignore the sordid truth, the American government could pretend to have some dignity and could pretend that the rotten apples were spotted and thrown out – even though only those with a determined “see no evil, hear no evil” attitude could be convinced or reasonably assured by this mask.

With this election, revelation after revelation and evidence of the Clintons’ association with rape, paedophilia, taking huge bribes from brutal dictatorships, ripping off countries like Haiti for profit, starting wars for Wall Street and for Israel, controlling the media to help them get elected and to do down their opposition such as Bernie Sanders or Donald Trump, pretending to care about the environment while taking back-handers promoting fracking contracts, laughing that lie detector tests allowed Hillary Clinton’s brutal child rapist client to be found not guilty of his crime, spying on everyone’s emails while deleting their own history, and who knows what other filthy behaviour such as what might be exposed on the computer shared with the Jew called Weiner who is under investigation for allegedly sexting photos of his penis and rape fantasies to an under-aged girl.

Consequently, standards for governments around the world and for what individuals think is just “normal” are taking a tumble.

If someone like Hillary Clinton is President of the US the standard will have fallen very low as people realize this is the level of someone who has authority over so much of what happens in America and beyond.

The “holier than thou” attitude that the US tries to present to justify foreign policy or to censor anyone in their own country or abroad no longer has weight if the present corrupt cabal continues. The mass establishment media will also have lost credibility to a fatal extent.

This is a turning point that means an emboldening of countries outside of the “western” sphere of influence who don’t want to be part of the globalist cabal and seek instead to show that actions like, to take a random example, killing drug dealers and drug addicts is  something the degenerate corrupt leader of the US has no moral authority to condemn.

Needless to say, the Russians are looking at the debacle in the US elections and the role of George Soros behind both the Democrat Party and the attempts to spread a revolution against Putin in their own country. They can’t be anything other than mocking of that idea right now. Back to the drawing board for Soros.

Non-white countries will not worry so much about being seen to be “brutal” when the United States has lost the faith of its own people that it can stand up as an example of what a “good democracy” looks like and must bend the world to copy.

President Duterte of the Philippines a country previously in the pocket of the US, could easily turn around and say, for example “am I a bad tyrant for killing these druggies? While your CIA is known to profit from the heroin trade cultivated in Afghanistan? And while you and your cronies enjoy drug fueled sex parties? Perhaps you are worried I am going to clean things up you filthy degenerates? No body believes you are the ‘good guys’ any more!”

The world is entering a period of instability with the international grip of the Jewish enemy slipping fast. We are in for a tumultuous time and must take advantage of this to make sure that it turns into a golden opportunity to awaken the White Race.

Rev Jane