Communism: A Jewish Curse – An Open Letter to Those Who Refuse to Believe

untitled-2Anyone who objectively looks at the Bolshevik Revolution and does not come to the conclusion that it was not a ‘Russian’ revolution, but a Jewish revolution, is either a moron or completely brainwashed. I have been studying World War II, Adolf Hitler, Communism, Fascism, National Socialist Germany, etc. for many years now, and I feel that I have a pretty good handle on what did and what did not happen during that time period. I have spent thousands of hours researching this topic—reading hundreds of books, including primary resource books, as well as secondary resources. I believe that what I am about to write should be given credence by the reader and furthermore the many hours of my research were certainly not in vain.

The simple facts of the matter are that the creator of Communism, Karl Marx was a Jew. His forerunner: Moses Hess was a Jew, whom the Jews consider the godfather of Communism and Zionism. Moses Hess’ remains are now in Israel. Leon Trotsky (Bronstein), the first head of the Red army was also a Jew. Rosa Luxembourg, the female Communist agitator in Germany was a Jewess. Jews such as Lazar Kaganovich, Genrikh Yagoda, and Ilya Ehrenburg were directly responsible for more mass murder, than any so-called ‘Nazi’ ever even had a wet-dream about.

Jews certainly have been oppressed in their tumultuous history, I will not doubt that for a second. Any race living as a minority amongst a host population, who employ the tactics that the Jews have employed are certain to be hated—this is a very natural response by the native majority population and is certainly understandable to the objective observer. Communism, however, was the ideal political system for the Jews and it was in-turn very attractive to them. Every Jew a king, every gentile a slave—that is the theme of Communism then and Globalism now. You may say, ‘Oh no, Judaism is a religion and the Communists were atheists, therefore they cannot be Jews’. Wrong! That tactic that they employed ostensibly against religion, was all about undermining the culture of the eastern European gentiles. Many Jews are atheists today, but consider themselves Jews ethnically, as they should. Many Jews also still practiced Judaism in Bolshevik Russia. Stalin even set up the forerunner of the Zio-state in 1934—Birobidzan. Did you know that Lazar Kaganovich had first met Leon Trotsky (Bronstein) while he was preaching in a synagogue? I bet you have an interesting counter-response for that one.

Germany suffered great indignity after its initial defeat in WWI. Jews who were only 0.67 percent of the population in Germany at that time flourished under the Weimar Republic post-WWI. Germany was constantly in the precarious position of flipping to Communism, and there was in fact a brief Communist coup in November of 1918—prior to the establishment of the Weimar Republic. Adolf Hitler understood that Communism was as Jewish as lox and bagels from its inception, and he feared the Jews, rightfully so, as the subversive people that they have proven to be. The worst thing that can happen to a country is losing a war—because the country then admits that they were in the wrong. This defeat was especially damning, when we examine the ramifications of the Treaty of Versailles—forfeiting German land, reducing the German military to impotence, war reparations, etc. Adolf Hitler got Germany to stand up after a humiliating defeat and successfully got her off of her knees, and for this reason among many others we should revere him. He gave the German people their dignity back, when all hope was almost lost. The reason the Jews were in concentration camps is because of their affinity for Communism and similar subversive movements—look at Jews like Emma Goldman and her quasi Communist/anaracho-feminist movement.

Now, after many years of study, I greatly doubt the orthodox Jewish narrative, especially the dogma that 6 million Jews perished during WWII. About 55 million people total died in WWII, and I think that perhaps 1-2 million were in-fact Jews. Most Jews did not die at the hands of the National Socialists though—I believe most died fighting for their communist brethren, as well as a good portion dying from typhus and other diseases. Communism killed more people than any other ideology on earth to this date, but there are never any movies about the horrors of Communism. On the other hand, we are inundated with books, movies, and television shows about the evils of Adolf Hitler, Nazism, and the supposed ‘Holocaust’. The reason is plain and simple—the Jews are in control of media. They use their media control to highlight what is in their best interest and they suppress what is not advantageous to them. Nobel prize winning Russian author, Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn has said that, this is proof that the perpetrators of the Communist mass murder are in control of the media.

The evidence is overwhelming and I understand that you may still defend the Jews after reading this article. You have been trained your entire life to attack like a good dog, whenever someone deviates from the authorized Jewish dogma. If you have serious doubts that the Jews control the media, than you are simply a moron or haven’t done the proper research. 2% of the population outright owns 4 out of 5 major media conglomerates. There are also Jews in every nook and cranny of the media. When I was a child, I was well aware of all of this, but I thought that the Jews were just intelligent people, and their Jewishness was superfluous. Now after years of research, I realize how wrong I was. The facts are plain and simple: Communism was and is a Jewish movement, just as globalism is today.

by Michael Jeffrey

Source: Racial Observer