Classical Music Benefits

Listening to classical music such as Mozart (the composer that seems to come out on top in studies) helps us in so many ways.


The familiar saying “music soothes the savage breast” is true, as the most recent study has shown:

Relaxing to a soothing Mozart symphony can lower the blood pressure as much as cutting salt from the diet or exercising , a new study has shown.

But for people concerned about their heart, it might be wise to steer clear of ABBA, which has no impact at all.

Daily Telegraph

Other well supported benefits of playing some Mozart, Beethoven, Bach, etc come with regards to helping revise for exams; helping the brain to develop in infants and children; reducing vandalism and generally keeping undesirables at bay.  It has been claimed to be a great help with recovery from injury and illness and an anti-depressant (which may surprise those who haven’t developed a taste for it and find it dreary).

It is good if children are brought up with a good dose of Germanic classical music along with their salubrious diet as an appreciation of both good music and good food is an acquired taste.  It is never too late to change bad habits though!

This is not to say that there is anything wrong with enjoying other kinds of music along with regular indulgence in the classics.

Classical music is a very White art form. As Creators we must seek to savour and nurture the expressions of the best products of White civilization.

by rev. Jane


Source: Creativity on Blog