Britain is Leaving the European Union

On Friday June 24 the news came in that Britain has voted for the “Brexit” in the referendum.


Many did not believe that this result would be permitted by the establishment, who had been pulling increasingly shocking tactics to blackmail naive British people into feeling that a vote for the Brexit was a vote for racist terrorism.

To sway the vote the “Remain” supporters attempted to use the murder of Labour MP, Jo Cox, by a mentally ill man.  The spin and lies around the event quite possibly convinced as many people to go and vote the opposite to the way they intended.

The overwhelming proportion of supporters of staying in Europe came from the most despicable and anti-White, pro Israel areas of the population and establishment.  This fact alone would be enough to give anyone confidence that the desire of these criminals and fools should be thwarted.

There is a momentum gathering speed in the West for the public to believe they can throw off the establishment and change things. The success of the Brexit campaign is another step forwards. Had the result gone the other way, millions of people would feel jaded and hopeless. Rightly or wrongly, the effect on the spirit of those who hope for a popular awakening around the world, including for example the hope that Trump will beat Clinton, would have taken a crushing blow. That is how it would be felt.

Now people feel this is a struggle that can bring positive results. Not immediately but in the long term. Chains are breaking and the mood is optimistic.

Not so optimistic for various loudly protesting non-Whites in Britain.

A black man and a black woman wrote separate pieces in the Guardian lamenting how the referendum result means, in their view, that racists are taking over the country and that people do not accept their “faces”.

This morning, knowing these despicable tactics have won over the nation, it feels like a “First they came for the Poles” moment. It seems only a matter of time before the intolerance that has been unleashed, reinforced and normalised, looks for the old, easy targets of people who look different. People like me.

“I want my country back,” the leavers said. Right now, I don’t feel part of that country.

The Guardian

That Britain has racism embedded deep in its cultural DNA is no surprise. We’ve heard of slavery and colonialism. And, to quote Walter Rodney, “Oppression follows logically from exploitation, so as to guarantee the latter.”

The Guardian

As Creators we welcome not only the reality of a culture moving towards a White racial awakening, but also the perception and the feeling of hope and vigour that the vote to leave the EU has created in Britain and the various other countries in Europe that will attempt to follow suit in the near future.

by rev Jane


Source: Creativity on Blog