Blacks Abduct and Torture Disabled White Man


So four ‘blacks’ have been arrested in Chicago after ‘allegedly’ abducting a mentally disabled young White man with severe learning difficulties, tie him up and hold him hostage for two days.

They cut off his clothes, slash him across the face with a knife and repeatedly torture him in the most gruesome ways. They even force the poor man to drink from a toilet.

The whole time they are carrying out these monstrous acts, the ‘blacks’ film themselves screaming and laughing at the the disabled young White man, calling him a ‘White bastard’.

They found it all so funny that they decided to livestream their behaviour on Facebook!

The ‘black’ perpetrators of this heinous act are repeatedly heard screaming ‘F*ck Donald Trump!’ and ‘F*ck all White people!’

What had the young White man done to deserve this horrible treatment? Had he done something incredibly wicked to these ‘people’?

Well, to begin with, he has committed the worst crime of all – he was born White! So ‘naturally,’ of course, he ‘deserves’ to be beaten senseless and humiliated. At least in the minds of the ‘alleged’ perpetrators of this beastly crime.

As well as being White, it appears the mentally disabled young man may have been a vocal supporter of Donald Trump. Perhaps expressing his pro-Trump views in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Despite all this clear display of unabashed anti-White hatred, it appears the police investigating the crime have concluded that the abduction and vicious attack was ‘not racially motivated’.

As usual, the Jewish controlled media have barely covered the story. When the story has been covered, it certainly hasn’t been featured as a headline.

Also notable is that, of the few outlets that ran the story, found via a Google search, we find there is no mention of the victims name and all pictures of him have been either blurred or his eyes pixelated.

After all, the media wouldn’t want to highlight the humanity of this poor White victim and rouse the racial instincts of White people, would they?

Can you believe this? Just imagine if the shoe was on the other foot.

Just imagine if a gang of Whites kidnapped some ‘black’ off the street, for whatever reason, and subjected him to less than half the despicable treatment meted out to this poor disabled White lad, whose name we still have yet to learn.

If the shoe was on the other foot, we can be sure there would be riots on the streets, cities would burn and White people would be beaten horribly. All of this would be encouraged, of course, by the anti-White Jewish media.

There would be a huge army of police on the streets searching for the perpetrators and police chiefs would reassure us that the ‘vile racists’ and ‘Neo-Nazis’ would be punished harshly.

Meanwhile, there would be pictures of the ‘black’ victim all over the news, on the front page of every newspaper and the lead story of every controlled media news website.

But they wouldn’t be any random pictures. We would be subjected to images of the ‘black’ victim when he was an innocent looking 10 year old, and there would be additional images of his parents wailing for their ‘baby’ and ‘justice,’ and no doubt looking forward to a million dollar book deal.

The ‘black’ ‘victim’ might in reality be a thief and drug dealer, but the hostile media wouldn’t let an inconvenient truth like that get in the way of a good anti-White story.

Shortly after the race riots have settled down, during which White people would be brutalised with abandon, the ‘black’ victim would become an international celebrity.

He would be bouncing up and down on Oprah Winfrey’s sofa, showing everybody how he is ‘managing’ with the ‘demons’ of this vile racist attack.

The so-called ‘Neo-Nazi’ perpetrators, who may well have been ordinary White men trying to protect their sister from a drug dealer for all we know, would all be slapped with a hundred year prison sentences, never to see the light of day again.

Yet we are still to believe that the media and ‘powers that be’ (Jewish hegemony) are not anti-White, that they report ‘fairly’ and ‘impartially’?

White people really do need to wake up to this atrocious situation in which they find themselves.

White people need to learn to think racially and look out for their own best interests. As can be clearly seen, nobody else, no other group, is going to do that for us.

In fact, as clear as the summer’s sun, our racial enemies, whipped into a murderous frenzy of hatred by the Jewish media, cannot wait for the day when they can do us in.

Wake up, White people! Realise the dire situation we are in. Be proud to be White. Join with other pro-White people, join The Creativity Movement, and change the world for the better.