Be a Good Example

untitled-1There are still some “ladies” out there, which is why some language may only be excused if it is “locker room talk” and the men who refuse to be gentlemen should not wonder why they only get girlfriends with similar potty mouths.

How adults talk around children is vitally important as well.

You set the standard. Despite feminism women generally take their lead from the men they respect a lot of the time. I may sound like a spoil-sport to some men reading this but I ask you to be a man worthy of that respect for the sake of the White Race.

You’ll find better things will happen.

Our founder, Ben Klassen makes the point in chapter 23 of Nature’s Eternal Religion, “Guideposts Along the Path of Life”, that we should learn how to speak well, in an educated and sociable manner to attract better people to ourselves and hold our community together.

“Of major importance in enhancing your desirability as a marriage partner is also the development of the social graces such as learning to sing, learning to become a good dancer, and most important of all having a cultivated manner of speech and being a good conversationalist.”

by Rev Jane