Adolf Hitler – Founder of Israel: Israel in War with Jews by Hennecke Kardel

adolf hitler - founder

Adolf Hitler – Founder of Israel: Israel in War with Jews is an interesting but very peculiar book to say the least. The author of this book is Hennecke Kardel, whom was the son of German scientist Rudolf Kardel. After completing Army academy he served as an infantryman in the German army in Russia and the Balkans. This book was originally published in hardcover, in 1974 in Switzerland, and it was subsequently translated in 1996 and re-released. The edition I have is published by Modjeskis Society and distributed by  New Century Press. This is a paperback edition which is readily available at Amazon and other online retailers.

I have heard mixed reviews about this book over the years and was a little to reluctant to read it at first, but my eagerness to learn took control. This is a very contentious book being about a man who is arguably one of the most demonized men in history. The book is ‘Dedicated to the most persecuted of our time – The Truth’. I suspect the author had some ulterior motives for writing this book, it becomes evident when one sees that he accuses almost every high ranking member of the National Socialist government as being of Jewish origin. The author certainly does not take the conventional approach to the subject of WWII and the narrative of Jewish suffering.

This book purports some very strange ideas and you have to really discern the truth from speculation. This book is like many books, in that it has little seeds of truth that can be extracted from it and can be added to your overall understanding of a subject. One thing this book suggests is that Hitler had a strong differentiation between Western and Eastern Jews, which could very well be true. It could be seen as a parallel how we see American born mestizos, in comparison to the current wall of illegal aliens invading our lands without a shot being fired. This book also suggests that rather than the Soviets spreading gassing propaganda, it was the Germans themselves to try to hasten Jewish emigration into Palestine. The overall thesis of this book is that Hitler played a major part in the Jewish seizure of Palestine, in some ways deliberately and in some way unwittingly, which I most certainly agree with.

Overall this a pretty interesting and fun read, that is if you take it for what it is.  This is a short book and includes a post script. One plus that this book offers is a few interesting pictures, but they are in black and white however. I was surprised at the extent of references in the index, but we can not take this book as unequivocal fact. To know the truth you must read, read and read some more, until you have found all the clues and put the pieces together for yourself. If you can get this book cheap, or can find an e-book, I would recommend giving it a shot.

by Michael Jeffrey

Source: Racial Observer