A Mixed Population is “not a People”


Golda Meir, the 4th elected Prime Minister of Israel famously said that the people occupying Palestine are “not a people”.  She made this observation to justify Israeli expansion into their land.

There were no such thing as Palestinians. When was there an independent Palestinian people with a Palestinian state? It was either southern Syria before the First World War, and then it was a Palestine including Jordan. It was not as though there was a Palestinian people in Palestine considering itself as a Palestinian people and we came and threw them out and took their country away from them. They did not exist. ~Golda Meir

When a land is occupied by people who are an organic nation –  related quite closely to each other and with a long history and a common language and culture – they are “a people”.  When they are a diverse and divided group of individuals or different cultures and races they are not “a people”.

It is both a biological and historical fact that a diverse population offers little to no resistance against a far more homogeneous nation when it comes to warfare.

The most homogeneous (in a genetic sense primarily although also in terms of a sense of nationhood) people have the advantage as they have a sense of who they are and a natural urge to expand and displace rivals.  When those rivals are not even “a people” it is not considered genocide when this expansion and replacement takes place.  A jumble of competing rootless people is certain to be swept aside and consigned to the dustbin of history.

Since the Israelis – the Jewish people – understand this so well, it is very malicious of them to be so supportive of breaking down national borders elsewhere in the world and engineering the movement of people from one part of the world into another country.  This is especially sinister when Israel itself is so keen to manage its own borders and when the Jewish people have such a strong aversion to marrying out with non Jews.  In fact it is common for a Jewish family to disown and disinherit their son or daughter who marries out in this way and “his or her descendents (sic) shall be deemed to be deceased for all purposes of this instrument as of the date of such marriage”.

As our land becomes simply a place occupied by a mishmash of people – we become hopelessly vulnerable to an organised attack by any nation that has the ambition and cohesiveness to seize our territory.

From an evolutionary standpoint there must be competition between races and merging of races into a mongrelised horde is against the eternal forces of Nature.  Evolution causes branches that branch out again into more branches. Those branches that fail to compete simply go extinct and lead to no where, like the extinct intermediates between humans and apes. Science has shown that a group that is cohesive, highly homogeneous and works as a team (socialism) is the perfect candidate to win and to destroy that and make a chaos of people is the sure way to ensure they lose.  Diversity makes us weak.

~Rev. Jane