The Superior Know What is Right


In our religion, Creativity, there are Sixteen Commandments.  There are no superstitious rewards or punishments for those who follow or fail to follow our commandments.  The reward is to see our race advance and the punishment is to fail to be part of that advancement, to fall outside of our holy struggle and not to share in our glorious victory.

There are other rewards and punishments for those who master themselves and strive to be the best person that they can be.  On a personal level it improves the quality of life.

Our religion counts on all Creators to strive to be the best person that each of us can be.  We value all our White folk who aim to do this, no matter what talents they have and no matter how mentally or physically advantaged they are by life’s lottery.

Any White person, even who is physically or intellectually not as able as some non-White person may be, is without doubt worth a lot to us, while we are not interested in having any involvement with the non-Whites.  We believe in racial separation and are only concerned with the wellbeing of our own White Race.

The Sixteen Commandments remind us of what we should already know in our hearts, the instinct of the racially loyal White man or woman.  In this sense there is no commandment that tells us to do anything we Creators might otherwise be tempted to do.

Here, Creativity differs from other religions that are openly aimed at “sinners” who are never expected to be truly good people, could never become like their gods, and who have to be coerced to go against their harmful desires to do what their religion deems as wrong behaviour.

The Creator should not be a “sinner” in need of reformation.  He or she should be the elite of human kind, and should never accept a lower standard of behavior than a non-Creator.  We may not be perfect, but we strive to improve ourselves little by little and aim higher every day.

In summing up – although there are commandments in Creativity, these serve to confirm to us that our religion is fitting to our racial soul – we use them as a spring-board to set our own standards above and beyond what needs to be written.   Our good instincts tell us how to interpret the Golden Rule of Creativity: What is Good for the White Race is the Highest Virtue and What is Bad For the White Race is the Ultimate Sin.

by rev Jane, TCM UK

Source: Creativity on Blog