A little trace of White Culture – from Estonia

“Whites don’t have any culture!” Yes, that’s what many say and try to convince our people that because of that we need to embrace other “cultures” and diversity.

So, here’s only one simple, yet magnificent video with only white people singing. Be aware, there’s some 20.000 singers, and – they are all white proud Estonians!

This song, titled “Ilus maa” (“Beautiful Land”), is a one small part of a large festival called Laulupidu, which occured in 2004 in Tallin. Similar festivals, including dance festivals with more than 15.000 dancers, happen in Latvia, and Lithuania. Festival is held every 5 years.

Better version can be found here. More info about festival you can find here.

Enjoy! And always remember who we are – Nature’s Finest!