Do Something Meaningful for the White Race

May 14, 2021

[AUDIO WILL BE ADDED AT A FUTURE DATE] Become an Ordained Minister of The Church of the Creator  Organize Your Own Church Group  In Issue No. 10 of RACIAL LOYALTY, we suggested that every CREATOR [….]


May 14, 2021

[AUDIO WILL BE ADDED AT A FUTURE DATE] When I was 20 years old (way, way back in 1938) I was first exposed to Hitler’s MEIN KAMPF. I was fortunate enough to be able to [….]

Why We Are Not Loyal To Nature

January 24, 2019

  FOLLOWING NATURE’S LAWS FOR RACIAL LOYALTY A common misconception made about Creativity and Creators is that we worship the White Race. Another misconception is that adherents to our faith worship Nature and we are [….]

Blacks Abduct and Torture Disabled White Man

January 6, 2017

So four ‘blacks’ have been arrested in Chicago after ‘allegedly’ abducting a mentally disabled young White man with severe learning difficulties, tie him up and hold him hostage for two days. They cut off his [….]

Last Whites of the East End

June 5, 2016

Last Whites of the East End – BBC Documentary… by inquiett Newham in London’s East End is home to a tight-knit white working-class community who have lived there for centuries. But over the past 15 [….]

Rapefugee Rapes Another Liberal

June 4, 2016

Plans by nonwhite invaders posing as refugees to attack the city center of Düsseldorf were to involve at least ten attackers, German police have admitted. At the same time, prosecutors are investigating 180 cases of [….]