Communication Breakdown

December 23, 2017

How often do you find yourself feeling that another person you are trying to have a discussion with really seems not to live on the same planet you do? They misunderstand you, their world-view is [….]

Important Difference Between Truth and Morality

August 22, 2017

While Creativity is probably the only religion that holds there is objective “truth” and that morality is not universal, other religions claim that truth and morality come from their god or gods. Relativists, who are [….]

Creators Allergic to Bullshit

June 17, 2017

Experience of being on the internet has helped me to learn something about myself.  I cannot stand bullshit. This is a characteristic of those drawn to Creativity – the only religion that is about avoiding [….]

Why we are proud to be White

April 18, 2017

A common criticism when it comes to demonstrations of group “pride” – be it a racial group, a religious group, a sexual-identity group or what-have-you is that the members of that group do not personally [….]

More White Babies Needed

August 7, 2016

Rev Matt Hale wrote some very wise words in his article on Children and Our Future as a Race.  Possibly this article contains the wisest words he has ever written, so please read it. I [….]