Ending Homelessness Reduces Crime and Saves Money

February 1, 2019

  Nothing demonstrates how far a First World civilisation has fallen than having a severe homelessness problem. The greed for cheap workers together with the desire to globalise and destroy nations, regarded as being too [….]

The Week Face Crime Went Viral

January 27, 2019

  An incident this week could be one with such far-reaching effects on history that it will be officially credited as a main reason why Donald Trump would be elected for a second term as [….]

Our Mission Is Possible

April 19, 2018

Prior to joining the Church (The Creativity Movement) I held a pessimistic outlook on the future of our people. When I read our holy books for the first time, I immediately realized that Creativity embodied [….]

We Decide Who Is White

March 30, 2018

Hermanm Göring famously declared “I will decide who is a Jew!”. As humans we naturally categorise people and when it comes to anything remotely racial we have a strong inbuilt ability to do so very [….]

Communication Breakdown

December 23, 2017

How often do you find yourself feeling that another person you are trying to have a discussion with really seems not to live on the same planet you do? They misunderstand you, their world-view is [….]

Conservatives Versus Progressives

December 21, 2017

Conservative communities do not favour innovation and pioneering individuals – by definition. They are conserving the status quo and regard anything outside of the same old same old as evil. Lots of people THINK that [….]

The Right Wing Hates Socialism

September 30, 2017

Labels. Our enemies use them to dismiss and to demonise everyone that they don’t like. They put you in a box and tell you what you think. We Creators do not and must not accept [….]

Language, Religion and Speciation

August 27, 2017

As our society dumbs down and splits along ethnic lines, religion is the obvious vehicle for separation from the degenerating trend and a means to maintain our racial identity into the far future. The BBC [….]

Important Difference Between Truth and Morality

August 22, 2017

While Creativity is probably the only religion that holds there is objective “truth” and that morality is not universal, other religions claim that truth and morality come from their god or gods. Relativists, who are [….]

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