Ernst Zundel, Pro-German Martyr has Died

August 10, 2017

Ernst Zundel died on August 6th this year at the age of 78. A great hero and martyr for justice against Jewish lies and persecution, Zundel endured many years of treatment that most people would [….]

Lies of so-called “holocaust survivors”

July 6, 2017

Most of you would probably remember when so-called “holocaust survivor” named Joseph Hirt lied about his escape from Auschwitz beside other made up things. Why don’t the Jews simply decide that the veracity or otherwise [….]

Vincent Reynouard, Revisionism in 30 minutes

October 9, 2016

Following the path traced by Paul Rassinier in the 50’s as well as the master of the modern French revisionism, Pr. Robert Faurisson, the new generation of French Revisionist scholars seems to be led nowadays [….]

El Gran Tabu

September 13, 2016

Very good report and interview from 2005 with three most prominent and persecuted revisionists: Germar Rudolf, Ernst Zundel and Bradley Smith.

The Treblinka Archaeology Hoax

June 4, 2016

Were 900,000 Jews “gassed” at Treblinka? Were 3.9 Million “Steamed to Death” in “steam chambers” there too, as according to Nuremberg trial “evidence”? The official “Holocaust” story is that Treblinka 2 is the largest mass [….]

Questioning the Holocaust

June 4, 2016

Did you ever ask yourself some of these questions: Why were there hospitals in a “death camp?” Why would the Germans gas Jews in fake shower rooms? If the Germans wanted to kill them, why [….]