April 29, 2021

THE JEWISH ONSLAUGHT RAGES ON On the day when I was born 65 years ago in a remote little Mennonite settlement in the southern Ukraine, a chaotic battle was raging between the Bolshevik revolutionaries and [….]

Anti Capitalism is Anti Jewish

April 16, 2019

A little bit of sanity – a long suppressed truth – popped out of a politician’s mouth earlier this month. She didn’t mean it, as she was just slandering the non-Zionist leadership of her party, [….]

Capitalism : Personal Greed as an Ideology

January 13, 2019

Crony Capitalism is always the reality with capitalism. Property ownership is not per se “Capitalism”, because Capitalism implies an ideology based upon garnering capital and putting that mindset before other considerations. This cannot fail to [….]