Our Mission Is Possible

April 19, 2018

Prior to joining the Church (The Creativity Movement) I held a pessimistic outlook on the future of our people. When I read our holy books for the first time, I immediately realized that Creativity embodied [….]

More White Babies Needed

August 7, 2016

Rev Matt Hale wrote some very wise words in his article on Children and Our Future as a Race.  Possibly this article contains the wisest words he has ever written, so please read it. I [….]

The Feminization of the modern White Man

July 25, 2016

Jewish propaganda is overwhelmingly to blame for the feminization of todays generation of men. We see the woman of today swapping her role of house wife and mother and adopting the feminist brain pollution that [….]

EC/CPM – TCM Reunion

July 9, 2016

Racial greetings brothers and sisters, I address you today under a positive note. After many years of working towards the reunification of our great church, we have made some headway. The leaders of the Ecclesia [….]

Byzantium – Lost Heritage

June 30, 2016

After the fall of the Roman Empire, there came a difficult time of the Dark Ages for Europe , when suddenly the light of Imperium Romanum went out and a new order began to shape, [….]

Classical Music Benefits

June 27, 2016

The familiar saying “music soothes the savage breast” is true, as the most recent study has shown: Relaxing to a soothing Mozart symphony can lower the blood pressure as much as cutting salt from the [….]

Appeal to the Creators

June 25, 2016

The Creativity Movement must speak up on current events in Europe. No one else but us. No organization or association is more obliged to do so, to find deliverance from the current madness of political [….]

(((Insert Jewish Supremacist Here)))

June 11, 2016

The premier Jewish led hate group the Anti-Defamation League (ADL) announced Monday, June 6th that it has added a new symbol to it’s ‘Hate symbol database’. The symbol they speak of is known as the [….]

Jews Say ((( ))) is “Hate Speech”

June 9, 2016

Browsing The Guardian this afternoon I came across an article published yesterday that shows how crazy and paranoid the Jews are. Antisemitism watchdog adds (((echo))) symbol to hate list after Jews targeted Maybe I am [….]

Why I Am Voting to Leave the EU

June 7, 2016

Here in Britain there is a referendum on whether we should leave the European Union or not. I will be voting to leave. Here is a brief insight into my reasoning.  No doubt, because this [….]

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