Why the Need for a School for Gifted Boys is of Extreme Importance


Until the founding of The Church of the Creator, the White Race had done next to nothing in order to safeguard its survival, expansion and advancement. True, it had built illustrious empires, glittering cities, astounding cultures, huge war machines and accomplished a multitude of other astounding feats. 

But it had never so much as taken Step One in the direction of pulling the White Race together, uniting it and putting up a united front against the world of parasites and mud races. 

On the contrary, most of its tremendous energies have been consumed in destroying its own racial brothers and nurturing and expanding the scum of the world. 

Now, with CREATIVITY, we have the huge task of reversing this whole trend. The White Race as such is now practically starting from scratch. We now have to do the whole job from the bottom up, from its very foundation. 

In order to do so we have to found a leadership cadre, to organize, to build, to educate and to lead. The very finest of our White Race will not only be needed to do this job, but they will also need to be oriented and to be trained.

* * * * *

We, of The Church Of The Creator, have not the slightest interest in saving and uplifting “HUMANITY” with all its niggers, scum and parasites. Our entire goal is: the survival, expansion and advancement of the White Race, period.