One of the most persistent and perplexing aggravations that we CREATORS are burdened with is this basic question: 

Since most members of the White Race are Christians (and/or loosely affiliated therewith) shouldn’t we work with them instead of attacking them? After all, there are so many of them and we need them. 

This is an important issue and one which we of The Church of the Creator resolved twelve years ago when we launched the CREATIVITY movement. Our real members are with us 100 percent in the resolve and decision made at the very founding of the movement. There are, nevertheless, a number of would-be members that like the junkie who can’t make up his mind whether he should give up dope although he would again like to join the real world and become a respectable member of society. 

In this article we want to bring up all the arguments the pro-Christian dissidents have brought up and answer them one by one, as far as possible. We want to answer once and for all the question: Can Christianity help us build a White racial movement (any White racial movement) or is it part of the problem? 

In answering this question I am reminded of a country preacher who flatly stated that, “A religion without a hell ain’t worth a damn.” We CREATORS do not make any pretense of being without bias, and do not particularly agree with that assessment. Instead, we flatly state that: Any White racial movement that fails to confront and expose Judaic Christianity isn’t worth a damn. 

We further state that taking unreconstructed, “born again” Christians into our movement is not only counterproductive, but creates dissention and anarchy in our ranks; that Christianity is not just a problem among many, but is basically THE PROBLEM that has crippled the White Man’s mind through the ages and prevented the White Race from ever developing a strong White Racial Religion of its own; that it is the most powerful weapon the Jew has forged throughout the ages in getting a grip on the White Man’s mind and channeling it down the road to self-destruction and genocide. 

We further state that Christianity is the Jew’s Maginot Line; that it must be cracked before we can get to the enemy and destroy him. (The French Maginot Line was breached and outflanked.) 

We further state that Christianity and the survival of the White Race are incompatible. Either one or the other will survive, but not both. It is the sacred goal of The Church of the Creator to see to it that the White Race survives, expands and advances ever upward. 

As to why we take this position, we have already clearly defined in Issue No. 6 of RACIAL LOYALTY, entitled, “The Self-Imposed Handicap — The Idiotic Impossibility of being a Jew Fighter and a Christian at the Same Time.” In that article I list five basic reasons why the two are incompatible as is the marriage of a nigger with a White, and that any attempt to compromise the two result in a mongrelized abomination that is bent on self-destruction. 

Briefly recapitulated these 5 points are: 

1. Christianity is a demeaning, self-destructive slave philosophy, designed to break the spirit of those who succumb to it. 

2. In contrast, Christianity sells the idea to the Gentiles (mostly Whites) that the Jews are great, a special people, that they are God’s Chosen. 

3. Christianity teaches its followers to love their enemies, but hate their own kind, a most destructive no-win philosophy. 

4. Christianity is highly divisive and contradictory, with verses in the text that will take both sides of every issue, leaving the “believer” in perpetual confusion, self-doubt and emotional conflict. 

5. Christianity makes impossible demands and leads to frustration and mental breakdown. 

(To review the details of these arguments read again Issue No. 6 of RACIAL LOYALTY.) 

But there is much more to this issue and the fundamental question we raised at the beginning of this article is whether we should take lukewarm Christians, gung-ho Christians, born-again Christians or any other kind of Christians into our White racial movement and work with them. Our answer is a loud emphatic, No! We will first of all give further reasons why this is impossible and then later answer the proponents’ arguments one by one. 

REASON No. 1 — Probably the most overriding reason that we can list is that Christianity is and remains the most serious roadblock in the way of the White Race from ever building a White Racial religion of its own. As I have pointed out time and again, it is the Jew’s racial religion that was at the core of a numerically and genetically inferior tribe gaining control of the world. Conversely, it was the lack of a racial religion that led to the downfall, disintegration and mongrelization of such superior great White civilizations as the Egyptians, the Greeks and the Romans. 

REASON No. 2 — You can’t fight something that you are afraid to identify and attack. If we want to take into our movement even lukewarm Christians, then we must stop attacking Christianity in order “not to offend them.” If we stop attacking Christianity, then we can not destroy it. Then the next conclusion is that the 2,000 year old problem remains with us, and we are right back at Square One again. A no-win Catch 22 proposition. 

REASON No. 3 — If we followed the reasoning suggested by our enemies that we take in Christians because (a) they are White, (b) there are so many, and (c) it would greatly broaden our base, then wouldn’t it reasonably also follow that we broaden our base further, and take in “White” homosexuals, “White” liberals, “White” communists, “White” drug addicts? There are millions of them. That would certainly “broaden our base” and increase our numbers, now wouldn’t it? 

In fact, if we forget our basic principles and put on a Rock ’n Roll fest, combined with a drug orgy in the style of Woodstock, New York of a decade ago, why, we could attract hundreds of thousands to “Our Cause” in one meeting. Of course, we would have to be careful “not to offend” the homos, queers, liberals, commies, Jews and the drug pushers. 

But would we still have a creed, a program, or a cause? Hardly. 

The same thing goes for Christians. They are inherently hostile to the racial integrity of the White Race and always will be. The only thing we can do with them is reconvert them and restructure their thinking. Since their minds are so warped by the Jewish mind-scrambler, they are the least receptive of all possible prospects. So why waste our time with a most difficult subject when there are so many other White Racial Comrades who are both receptive and eager to find the answers to today’s racial dilemma? 

REASON No. 4 — The Jews have proven that their racial religion is the center of gravity, the pivotal point, the “sun” around which all the other satellite organizations gravitate. They not only have their A.D.L., the A.J.C., the J.D.L., but thousands of Jew-inspired organizations that help promote the Jewish conspiracy and keep the Jews in a controlling position. But without the pivotal Judaic religion as its center of gravity, all these other organizations would be nothing, in fact, they wouldn’t even exist. There would be no cause, no creed, no loyalty, no program to polarize around. The Jews would, as the late Golda Meir, when she was Prime Minister of Israel, stated, “Have briefly existed and disintegrated long ago.” 

This RACIAL RELIGION is what the White Race has lacked throughout its history. It has been the downfall of all the White civilizations that have come and gone. Now, finally, with CREATIVITY we have such a racial religion, a religion that the White Race can gravitate around, rally around, and finally polarize its struggle for victory. Now that we have it, by Jupiter, we will be damned if we are going to let the Judaized Christians into the act to confuse, disintegrate and destroy it. Not on your life! Which brings us to the next point, namely, the issue of A POLYGLOT MIND. 

REASON No. 5 — In Creative Credo No. 17 of The White Man’s Bible entitled, “Only a Homogenous Society Can be governed and Can Endure,” I have shown conclusively that a polyglot society is continuously at war within itself, breeding anarchy and always ending in self-destruction. The same thing can be said about a polyglot mind, and also a polyglot movement or organization. 

Most people think that the more they read, the more they know, the more they will be capable of solving a problem or of accomplishing something worthwhile. 

This is not necessarily so. In fact, history proves the opposite. If you read every book in the Library of Congress you would have so many diverse and conflicting opinions on every subject that you would not be able to make up your mind on anything. You would most likely be paralyzed with confusion, finding a dozen arguments as to why you should not, in fact, cannot, come to a definite conclusion, a specific decision or take any meaningful action. You would be saddled with a polyglot mind, the ultimate Jewish dream for every goyim. (This reminds me of an incident going back to my college days, when we used to joke about a professor who was so broad-minded his head sagged in the middle.) 

It is the same with movements and organizations. Just like an individual who cannot afford to disperse and dissipate his energies and efforts in a hundred different directions, so too, an organization cannot embrace a hodge-podge of causes and ideas and hope to be effective. 

Rather than spraying a shotgun blast, an organization must concentrate on rifle fire, be specific in its goals and not allow itself to be mongrelized by a bastardly collection of loose and meaningless ideas. You cannot hope to accomplish anything with a movement that is floundering and wallowing in a sea of empty platitudes. You must concentrate. You must polarize both your ideas and your goals. 

A polyglot mind, or a polyglot movement is as hopeless and as confused as a polyglot society. 

Having laid this foundation, let us now proceed to examine some of the arguments advanced by the confused but well meaning White Racial Comrades who advocate that we join hands with the Christians in order to save the White Race. Here are some of their arguments: 

ARGUMENT No. 1 — One of the choicest arguments of the proponents is that “Religion is a private affair with each person, and that it has little to do with the racial movement, or any other movement.” 

I take strong issue on this point, and contend that there is no factor in life that has a stronger influence in shaping the ideas, motives and loyalties of a person’s life than does religion, if he or she has one. A Christian has a religion alright, a perverted, Jew-oriented religion at that, and his every idea, emotion, motivation and prejudice is strongly influenced by it. The tragic consequence of this is that in every one of these categories it is biased in the wrong direction, hostile to the White Race, hostile to himself and hostile to a constructive society of any kind. 

So it is not a matter of indifference to me whether a prospective member of our Church “happens” to be a Jew-Christian oriented White Man. Actions move events, and every person’s action is primarily motivated by his attitude, how he or she thinks, or feels, where their innermost loyalty lies. In the final crunch, when it comes to the question of where does such a (Christian) member’s loyalty lie, with the White Race or with the Jew-spook, he or she will opt for the spooks-in-the-sky swindle. 

ARGUMENT No. 2 — “There are any number of Christian organizations, such as the Identity movement, the British Israel movement, the Christian Vanguard, the National States Rights Party, etc., who are Christian oriented and also fighting the Jews.” 

This may be true, or at least appear to be so. The question really is, have they actually helped the White Racial cause, or have they confused it?

When the Thunderbolt or the Christian Vanguard uses the phrase, “White Christian” in every other sentence as if White and Christian are synonyms, they are indulging in some pretty drastic and misleading hocus-pocus, and since they are doing so repeatedly, I presume they do so deliberately. They are thereby putting across a deliberate lie, namely, that to be White is to be Christian and vice versa. Anyone with a modicum of common sense and a knowledge of history knows that the Egyptian, Grecian, and Roman civilizations, all of which at the height of their glory were White, were not Christian. By the time they turned Christian they were on a downhill slide into the Dark Ages. 

Also, there are 50 million niggers who can loosely be classified as Christians, as well as hundreds of millions of Latin American mongrels. So, let’s get off of it. “White” and “Christian” are not synonyms. They are antonyms. They are opposites, and entirely incompatible. 

The other aspect of this argument is the question: Are these Christian “pro-White” organizations trying to convert Christians to become White racists, or are they trying to infiltrate the ranks of the White racists and convert them to Christianity? There is a big difference, and it is my judgment that their main effort is promoting Christianity, not the survival of the White Race. 

And the bottom line about these organizations is this: in a crunch, in a show-down, where does their basic loyalty lie, with the White Race, or with the spook-in-the-sky myth? Again, it is my judgment that in any conflict or a show-down most of these “White” Christians will opt for “THE RAPTURE” and hope to fly to their pie-in-the-sky. They will take the easy way out and to hell with the White Race. 

ARGUMENT No.3 — “Even Hitler knew better than to take on God.”

This is a good point and I am glad the opposition has brought it up so we can deal with it once and for all. 

In the first place, we are not taking on God either. We are not fighting God, challenging God or declaring war on him, anymore than on Mother Goose. Yon can’t take on or make war against something that doesn’t exist, unless you want to play childish games. This is not our purpose. Instead, we want to bring those who do so back to reality, enlist them in the cause of the White Race and straighten out their Jew-scrambled thinking. 

Since there is not the slightest shred of evidence either in Nature or in history that there are any spooks in the sky to whom we must kow-tow, before whom we must cringe (fear God!) and pay lip service, we come to the logical conclusion that this is a gigantic swindle. Further investigation shows that it is a Jew-concocted swindle that is not only swindling the White Race out of 40 billion dollars a year, but is also poisoning and scrambling its collective mind and has been the most effective mind-manipulation tool the Jew has ever invented. 

To let such a swindle go by unchallenged and unrecognized would be a cowardly deception and a serious dereliction on our part. It would further preclude the establishment of a sound White Racial Religion for as long as the swindle remained unexposed. 

I could expound endlessly on this subject, but I believe it has been amply covered before. Therefore, I will at this time explain only how our position in this respect differs from that of Hitler. Even this I have done in depth in Issue No. 4 of RACIAL LOYALTY under the title of “Fundamental Differences.” Therefore, I will only add a few important points. 

True, Hitler compromised with the churches because he had little choice. He was crowded for time, he was crowded for space, he was crowded for resources, he was crowded by the events of history in trying to save Germany from the Jewish-Communist onslaught. He had to deal with a Germany of the 1920’s and 30’s, a far different situation from the America of the 1980’s. Neither the time nor the place were ripe to tackle the Jewish spook-in-the-sky swindle that had been slopped on the White Race for 1,800 years. He realized this and tried his best to ignore the issue, compromise with it, even pretend to be part of it, although he thought altogether differently. He couldn’t possibly have done otherwise. He was only trying to save Germany and expand the German’s base eastward. 

Today, in the last quarter of the twentieth century, we have a completely different situation, especially in America. The world is rapidly being mongrelized, the mud races (subsidized by the White Race) are exploding at an astronomical rate. Not only is the White Man on the run, but even Christianity is rapidly shrinking and in bad disrepute throughout the world. Even in the United States, Whitey is turning to stupid alien creeds such as Mooneyism, Hare Krishna, Zen, and hundreds of other far-out alien cults, all divisive and destructive of the White Race. 

Hitler himself said time and time again, that National Socialism was a political movement, for the Germans only, and not for export. Had he won the war, he would have destroyed the Jew and undoubtedly restructured the world under Germanic hegemony and leadership. 

This is not exactly the kind of “Whiter and Brighter World” we CREATORS have in mind, although it would have been a thousand times better than the Jew and nigger infested world we are now getting. Be that as it may, the point is, Hitler lost the war, and the chances of a new and similar revival coming out of a shrinking Germany occupied by 360,000 American troops are less than that of a snowball in hell. 

The result of these events are that Hitler left no viable blueprint, religions, political or otherwise, that is applicable to America today, the only place in the world the White Race can now make a stand for its own resurrection and survival. 

I repeat, the Nazi ideology will not do the job. It is as dead as a door nail on a worldwide basis. At best, it was incomplete. It did not create a creed or a movement or a religion that could be applied on a worldwide basis without a militarily triumphant Germany. 

The only thing that will save us now is a dynamic, powerful racial religion for the White Race on a worldwide basis and it has to come out of America. 

In CREATIVITY we have it. It is comprehensive, complete, consistent and universal for the White Race throughout the world. We must now rally around it, polarize around it and build, build, build! 

ARGUMENT No. 4 — “The more pro-White organizations we have, the better. As long as a man will serve his race and nation, I don’t care if he prays to Odin or Howdy-Doody. Once the Jews are gone and the niggers are on a boat, we can deal with the churches and Christianity.” 

There are a number of loose and polyglot ideas in this argument, and it is hard to sort them out. 

In the first place, as I have pointed out, it makes a great deal of difference as to whom a man prays, since his religion is also the most powerful motivator of his actions. 

The Jews and the Christians have many things in common and one of them is DUAL LOYALTY. “The Spotlight” keeps pointing out the Dual Loyalty of the Jews, and correctly so, charging that the Jews’ loyalty is split between their loyalty to the United States and their loyalty to Israel. This may be so, but it is not split on an even 50-50 basis. It is more like 95 percent for Israel and somewhere between 0 and 5 percent for the United States. 

It is the same with the few Christians who even profess to be loyal to both Christianity and the White Race. Theirs, too, is a split Dual Loyalty, and like the Jews, it is unevenly divided. Like the Jews, it is more like 95 percent for the spook mythology and 5 percent for the White Race. 

There is one other important point about Christians being with us in the racial cause. The overwhelming majority of professing Christians like Jerry Falwell and the rest of his ilk, the National Council of Churches and their cabal, profess no loyalty to the White Race whatsoever by falling all over themselves in their admiration and love for Israel, for the Jews, for the “Holy Land” and the rest of that tripe. 

Here are a few excerpts from the mouth of Jerry Falwell: “It is our duty as God’s children to fight side by side with the Israelis against the nations who support anti-Israel forces like the P.L.O….” “…and as God promised, He will continue to bless our nation because God is on the side of the Jewish people and his Jewish nation, Israel.” 

Then he duns the White Goyim to send funds for Israel: 

“Please, don’t delay in your reply. God’s people need your help now more than ever and America needs to continue her support of Israel, if we are to remain a blessed nation. Please rush your gift of at least $20.00 today.” 

So much for the Christians and their loyalty to the White Race. 

All I can say for them is I hope they will fry in their own concocted hell, lousy traitors that they are! 

Next, “Once the Jews and niggers are gone” — ah yes, happy day! But that day will never come unless and until we polarize and unite under one banner and forge a powerful battering ram to overwhelm the Jews and the racial mud tide. It will never happen under the dissention of ten thousand or twenty thousand splinter groups, all aimlessly meandering in different directions and as hostile to one another as they are to the “common enemy”, whoever that is. 

Germany did not get their act together until Hitler managed to unite the thousands of splinter groups into one big powerful steam roller. Then things began to move. 

We, the White Race, will never get the Jews, niggers and mud races off our backs until we unite and polarize under one mighty movement. This is a fact, and cannot be refuted. We do not need more splinter groups. Twenty thousand splinter groups in America alone have aimlessly come and gone since Germany was crushed and they have accomplished nothing. 

So the question is: under what aegis should the White Race unite? A political party? An educational group like the Birch Society? A fraternal organization like the Klan? A quasi-religious revival of ancient Norse myths like the Odinists? The White Race will soon have to make up its collective mind, and the sooner the better, since we are reaching the end of the line. 

Before completing this subject, which I will do in THE CONCLUSION, I want to air another sub-argument that keeps popping up, and it is this: 

ARGUMENT No. 5 — “I have always been impressed with the Odinist creed, based on Nordic culture and expressing a reverence for our heritage.” 

There are several positive things that can be said for the Odinists. The first is that the modern people who have tried to revive this long defunct Norse religion are highly intelligent and some of the finest people we have, but the same thing, of course, can also be said of millions of White Christians. The second positive thing is, that undoubtedly the Vikings were great fighters and marauders, fine physical and genetic specimens of the White Race, a race of people we can be proud of. 

From there on out the picture is not too bright. In the first place, the Vikings were, by and large, highly illiterate, and in comparison to the Greeks, Romans or Jews, left little of their religion, history or poetry in writing. Most of it comes to us second hand from other people’s descriptions, most of whom were by then Christians. In short, culturally and religiously they were on a level with “Hagar the Horrible”, as portrayed in the Sunday comics. They did not leave any great literary, artistic, philosophical or religious heritage for us to either emulate or admire. 

The second fault is that at that time (around the eighth to the tenth centuries) when they were at their physical apex (in military might) they did not possess the psychological acumen of being able to stem the tide of Judaic-Christianity in their own ranks and as a result finally succumbed to it themselves. Today the Norse (Swedes, Norwegians and Danes) are as submissive, subdued and Jew-loving as any people on earth. 

Now the question is this: if Odinism was no match for the treachery of Jewish Christianity a thousand years ago when the Vikings and Odinism were at their height, what would convince any White Man that a hodge-podge of Norse myths can today reverse the tide after a thousand years under much greater disadvantages? 

The answer is, it can’t and it won’t. The people that are embracing it are basically playing games just like the Hollywood Nazis, trying to revive a past that is dead and gone. It is purely a vicarious ego trip in which they are trying to emulate and relive a mythical past much the same as Civil War buffs who get dressed up in the “Blue and Grey” and fire cannons and play war games.

Whereas Odinism has the advantage over Christianity in that at least it represents White myths and traditions, yet no intelligent adherent of it today really believes in the fairy tales of Thor, Odin, Wodin, etc., any more than they do in Mother Goose. In short, it is not any solution to anything at all, but a naive exchange of one set of myths for another of the pie-in-the-sky type. It will not do the job. Whereas we do need a strong White Racial religion, Odinism is not it. It is about as naive and shallow as the story of Hansel and Gretel in taking on the wily conspiracy of the treacherous Jew.

There are any number of arguments presented by our detractors, but I believe I have covered the main points and I want to bring this analysis to a conclusion and move on to a positive and comprehensive answer to the problem of how can we best promote the survival, expansion and advancement of the White Race. 

CONCLUSION — The best way to find that answer is to look at the experience of history and see what worked and who was successful. 

The answer fairly shouts from the pages. The tribe of Judah has been most successful in not only surviving over the longest period of time as a racial and cultural entity, but they have also been by far the most successful in gaining control of the world for themselves. 

How did they do it? 

That answer, too, is obvious: They did it by polarizing around a powerful and fanatic racial religion. 

What is the answer for the White Race? 

Here too, the answer shouts loud and clear and we can take it directly out of the pages of Jewish history. We need a dynamic and powerful racial religion for ourselves. Once we have it, all other organizations can gravitate around it, feed into it, polarize around it and make it by far the most powerful and constructive instrument in the history of the White Man’s civilization. 

My fellow White Racial Comrades, we now have such a White Racial religion in CREATIVITY. It is complete, comprehensive and concentrated. If you know of a better one, tell me about it. We do not need more polyglot organizations or more polyglot minds. We need to unite, polarize and build the massive structure on the foundation we now have in order to accomplish the job. The blueprints are there and are finished.

Why not do something meaningful? Become a Minister of the Church of the Creator as recommended on Page 6 of this issue and form a powerful Church group in your area. Help the survival, expansion and advancement of the White Race and build a Whiter and Brighter World. 

* * * * *

What have you done for the White Race today? 

* * * * *