He’s out there. It is our task to find him. 

In CREATIVITY there is inherent a delayed time-bomb. When its time comes it will explode in the face of our enemies with all the fury of an atomic bomb. It is our beholden duty to bring that day to fruition as quickly as possible. The blueprint has now been drawn. The foundations have also been laid. We must now search out the Great White Promoter and reap the benefits of our dreams and labors. With your help we will find him. Time is of the essence. The time is now ripe. 

There is nothing more powerful than an idea whose time has come and when it has come, there is nothing that can stop it, neither armies, nor terrorism, nor lies, nor propaganda. I am convinced that CREATIVITY’S time now has come and we must mount a full scale organizational cadre to promote it, to implement it, to organize it, to build its muscle and to facilitate the White Man in again taking full charge of his own destiny. 

There are many examples in history where one book, or one idea has lain dormant for a time, then stirred, then suddenly blazed forth into widespread recognition in the eyes of the world. 

A recent example of that you may have read about, is a little 88 year old lady named Helen Hoover Santmyer. For 50 years she labored on her one and only book called, “…And Ladies of the Club.” It is about a small southwest town in Ohio, covering a period from 1868 to 1932. It is a rather massive work, the book weighing 6 pounds, and consisting of 1,344 pages. 

The point about this episode is that for 88 years, nobody particularly noticed that this lady had any talent as a writer, nor did anyone particularly care. In 1982 the Ohio State University Press published the book. It still attracted little attention and only a few hundred copies were sold. Then, in 1984, the book was taken over by Putnam’s and will be published in August as the Book of the Month Club’s main selection for that month. 

Suddenly after 88 years, Mrs. Santmyer is recognized and acclaimed as a great author. She is publicized in the national press, a fortune awaits her financially and she is in great demand. Undoubtedly, the story will be commercialized, and it will be turned into a movie, appear on television and be published in paperback. At the age of 88, Mrs. Santmyer will finally and suddenly be rewarded with all the accolades and honors of a great author. 

A different case history is that of a Prussian author named Carl von Clausewitz, who now, more than 150 years after his death, is widely recognized as having written the greatest classic on military strategy in all history. His magnum opus, ON WAR, is still regarded as the classic textbook on military tactics and strategy despite the fact that military technology has changed dramatically in the last century and a half. 

Carl von Clausewitz was born in 1780, the son of a retired Army lieutenant who held a minor civil service position with the then State of Prussia. When Carl died in 1831 at the early age of 51, his masterpiece, ON WAR, was still unfinished. It was published by his loving wife a year after his death. The first edition, which consisted of a mere 1,500 copies, was still not exhausted 20 years later when a second edition was published. No further editions then appeared until 1867, when finally his works began to receive the recognition they deserved. 

This classic, although still not widely read, has had tremendous influence on military history and on the history of the world at large. It was the basic text that established and nurtured the German General Staff into becoming the most efficient military organization the world has ever known. It was instrumental in shaping the ideas of the Prussian General von Moltke, recognized as one of the great military generals of all time. It was he who led the Prussian armies to the brilliant victories that culminated in the unification of Germany in 1870. This book did much to shape the military strategy and thinking of World War I and World War II. It strongly influenced Adolf Hitler’s ideas on Blitzkrieg tactics that were so successfully employed. Even today, it is still one of the basic, if not the foremost, textbooks in most of the military academies of the world. 

Now the two books mentioned are widely apart in subject matter, but they do have a common denominator, and it is this: A book or an idea may lie dormant and be ignored for years, but if it has merit, it will sooner or later attract public attention, whether it be through sudden favorable publicity, or whether it be the hard way through the sheer genius and power of the ideas organized and presented in them. “…And Ladies of the Club”, will not change the world much, if at all, but evidently has much merit as a literary piece. Von Clausewitz, ON WAR, on the other hand, did not have a particular sponsor or promoter, but rightfully earned the prestigious recognition it deserved by the sheer force of its powerful content. 

But the main point is this: intensive promotion can bring a great idea to the forefront and the attention of the world in short order. It is our intention that when we have all our parameters on CREATIVITY put together, to launch a promotional Blitzkrieg the likes of which the world has never seen. 

Now, we Creators do not particularly relish playing the role of a braggart, nor do we have any particular desire to overindulge in playing the role of a Casper Milquetoast, nor the biblical deviate who is shy, meek and poor in spirit. In fact, the 15th Commandment of our Sixteen says, “As a proud member of the White Race, think and act positively. Be courageous, confident and aggressive. Utilize constructively your creative ability.” In short, we are interested in neither being the braggadocio, nor the shy retiring violet. We are basically interested in being as accurate as possible in our judgment, using our good judgment to the best of our ability and getting the job done. 

I will therefore state flatly that it is my judgment, that for the White Race, CREATIVITY is the most constructive, dynamic and beneficial idea that has come along since the beginning of civilization some 10,000 years ago. 

Now remember, I said FOR THE WHITE RACE. The Jews will not agree to that assessment and will fight it tooth and nail, and will miss no opportunity to denounce it. The niggers and the mud races do not like it either, and never will, because it will doom their future as parasites on the coattails of the White Race. The Christians will attack, denounce and roadblock it every step of the way, imploring the name of their Lord to heap damnation, fire and brimstone on the head of anyone who embraces CREATIVITY. But, the White Race itself will love it and embrace it, because its very survival, resurrection and redemption depends upon it. 

I further predict that CREATIVITY will prevail and embrace all the White people of the world, and that as a result they will inherit the earth. Not the meek, not the poor in spirit, not the Jews, not the niggers, not the mud races, but the Great White Race will inherit the earth and no entity deserves it more richly. It will be the greatest blessing “humanity” could ever hope for. 

I further make this far-reaching prediction: Come hell or high water, CREATIVITY will make the big breakthrough before the end of this century, most likely before the end of this decade. And I have three good reasons as to why I believe this: 

1. CREATIVITY is highly controversial, and as such, it cannot be suppressed. It is highly volatile, and like a powerful explosive it needs only a spark to set it off to flare up in the face of the world. 

2. It is correct and true. It cannot be successfully refuted in open debate because it is based on fact, and on the Eternal Laws of Nature. The more it is attacked, or discussed, or debated, the more adherents we will win for the White Race. 

3. The Jew, through his treacherous machinations, has brought this world to a horrible crisis, which is rapidly racing towards a climax. It cannot go on much longer without a dramatic collapse or explosion. In this calamity the White Race is targeted as the main victim. The closer the White Race approaches to this impending horror, the more dramatically the obvious conclusion will be impressed upon the minds of each individual: CREATIVITY IS THE ANSWER! The only answer! Not Christianity, not Communism, not more welfare, not more liberalism, not more printed Federal Reserve Notes, but a whole new approach. It will be either CREATIVITY and survival of the White Race, or it will be oblivion. 

Let us be clear on another point: If the White Race goes down the drain, the best and only worthwhile characteristic of “humanity” will have been irretrievably destroyed, never to be restored. “Humanity” (and I use the term loosely) will revert back not only to the Dark Ages of a thousand years ago, but back to a period of half a million years ago, to the level of cannibalism and that of the lowliest nigger in Africa. The stakes are indeed high. 

Alright, we have delineated the alternatives. Where is CREATIVITY today? 

Well, we are about 95 percent complete. We have the creed, the program and the religious base pretty well completed. We have a monthly periodical and we have our basic bibles. We have only one more piece in the puzzle to complete the picture. We need the Great Promoter. 

Now let me explain a vital point that most people are not aware of. There is a wide difference between an inventor and a promoter. Seldom are they incorporated in the same person. Why? For the same reason that you will seldom, if ever, find that the world’s heavyweight boxing champion is also the world’s greatest violin virtuoso, is also the world’s finest artist, is also the world’s greatest writer, is also the world’s foremost poet, etc. Need I go on?

Hardly. Only a very few enter the ranks of “the world’s foremost” in any category and seldom, if ever, do two or more of these talents reside in the same person, no matter how high their intelligence. I found this out quite clearly about 30 years ago when I invented a push button electric can opener and obtained a number of patents on the device. I was told quite emphatically that an inventor and a business talent seldom go together and that usually inventors are the poorest of businessmen. 

Whether this is true in all cases is not the issue, but in general, the point is well taken. 

Whereas I have considered myself a fairly good businessman over my lifetime and have accumulated a fair amount of assets to back it up, and whereas I have during most of my business life promoted one project or another more or less successfully, still, I do not consider myself qualified to be the Great Promoter we are looking for, and shortly I will tell you why. 

In the first place, I am basically a writer and a philosopher, and even at that I have arrived at a rather late stage in life. Would that I had known at the age of 20 what I know now! But the realities of life are that during the prime of my life I didn’t know nor give it a second thought, and did not see the whole picture clearly until I was well past 50. 

On February 20th (1984) I was 66, twice as old as I would like to be in order to take on the arduous duties of leading and administering as huge an enterprise as leading the White Race back to sanity and order in a hostile world gone stark-raving mad. The fact is that at any age, I was never cut out to be such a leader, speaker, administrator and organizer as are necessary to take charge of such a portentous movement. As I said before, I am basically an inventor, a writer, a philosopher. The promotion of the movement will now have to come from some fireball, half my age, whose identity at this period of time is still unknown. 

But he is out there. And we will find him. We are looking for some fireball similar to Adolf Hitler, only better. He is out there. In fact, there are at least 10,000 young men in America who could potentially do the job. They have not heard of us yet. But they will. It is our job to expand our movement to the point where there is hardly an intelligent White Man or Woman in America who has not heard of us, and either rejected us or joined us. The more we expand, the more we will attract some of those 10,000 we are talking about. 

Unlike Adolf Hitler, the Great White Promoter we are seeking does not exactly have to start from scratch. He will not have to formulate a new philosophy, or creed, or program from scratch. He will have a going concern. The solution and the organization is already there and waiting for him to put into high gear. Like Lee Iacocca, he will not have to invent the automobile from scratch, or even start the Chrysler Corporation from scratch. The Great White Promoter will literally fall into history’s greatest opportunity, 95 percent complete, ready made to promote, and the sky is the limit. The whole framework is already there ready to run, only waiting for the right man to promote the hell out of it. 

Was there ever in history such a golden opportunity offered to any young man on a silver platter? Hardly.

Now the Great Search is on. You who are reading this are an important part of that search. Perhaps you are a potential candidate, or if not, at the very least you are part of the organizational mosaic that is necessary to build up a multi-million member movement. The process is self fueling, the bigger the membership, the more recruiters. The more recruiters, the bigger the membership. 

So, we have our work cut out for us. Build, build, build! Recruit, recruit, recruit! Propagandize! Proselytize! Organize! Promote the hell out of the greatest idea for the White Race since civilization began. Save the White Race from suicide and genocide! Promote! Search for the Great Promoter! 

So what kind of a man are we looking for? Well, undoubtedly, he will be a genius. He will be super intelligent, have a dynamic, winning personality, be an excellent and persuasive speaker, and at the same time be a man of tough decisions and sound judgment. He will be a great orator and a man of tremendous energy. 

When we find him, I will consider my life’s work as pretty well completed. I will then relax, take life easy, and enjoy some of the perquisites of life that I am entitled to at my age. I will do more traveling, catch up on my reading, make a few audio and video tapes for the church, do some amateurish oil paintings, publish a few more books, write an article now and then, and in general putter around on my homestead in the Blue Ridge Mountains at my own particular speed. 

But the movement must go on. It must accelerate at a tremendous velocity until it envelopes the world. It will be done by The Great Promoter, by the Pontifex Maximus No. 2. We will find him! 

* * * * *

The reason the White Race has been such an easy prey, is that a major segment of the White Race is promoting its own self-destruction and the overwhelming moral force behind it has been none other than Christianity itself.

* * * * *

One man’s religion is another man’s belly-laugh. 

* * * * *