This, our second publication, is a companion book to our first, NATURE’S ETERNAL RELIGION, first published on February 21, 1973. In the first book we laid down the fundamental creed and program of our religion, CREATIVITY and thereby founded the CHURCH OF THE CREATOR. In this second book we build on the creed of the first, reinforce that creed, amplify and expand it into new dimensions.

Whereas NATURE’S ETERNAL RELIGION was basically concerned with race and religion as it applied to the White Race, in this, THE WHITE MAN’S BIBLE, we expand this concern to our physical health and well being, as well as the protection of our soil and environment on a worldwide basis.  We believe these areas of concern are extremely important to the survival, expansion and advancement of the White Race — especially so since we consider the whole Planet Earth as the one and only home of the White Race. We can therefore say that in CREATIVITY we have a truly all-inclusive religion, a four dimensional religion based upon the philosophy of A Sound Mind in a Sound Body in a Sound Society in a Sound Environment.

THE CHURCH OF THE CREATOR was founded with the publication of NATURE’S ETERNAL RELIGION in February of 1973. It was incorporated as a non-profit religious organization later that year and we received a charter from the State of Florida on August 16, 1973. We applied for and received a letter of Tax Exempt Status from the I.R.S. on May 30, 1974.  Because of the animosity of the Jew-controlled government that status has been under attack for the last year, in violation of the First Amendment Rights under the Constitution. As we go to press we still have that tax exempt status. With your support, we mean to exercise our First Amendment rights, Jews or no Jews, at all costs.  Anyone who denies us those rights is violating the Constitution and thereby themselves become arch-criminals, to be hunted down and brought to justice the same as any other common criminal.

Since publishing NATURE’S ETERNAL RELIGION this book has gone out all over the world and we have supporters and correspondents all the way from New Zealand, Australia, South Africa to Alaska and Hawaii. The intervening years since 1973 have been extremely productive in the response and feedback I have received from our thousands of readers, supporters and church members. To my surprise, 99% of that response has been favorable, most of it extremely enthusiastic. I now know we are on the right track and that we can build a worldwide religious movement for the survival, expansion and advancement of the White Race such as our race has never ever even dreamed of before. I am now convinced that in CREATIVITY we have the Total Program, the Final Solution, the Ultimate Creed. The response from our White Racial Comrades has thoroughly confirmed my conviction that in the creed and program of CREATIVITY lies the road to the resurrection and redemption of the White Race.

From the traditions of Ancient Rome, not the Catholic Church, we have adopted the title of Pontifex Maximus as head of our church. Just as it was once the time honored title of the head of the state religion in Ancient Rome, so are we now picking up the threads of history from that grand and glorious White civilization and marching forward to new heights, leaving the Dark Ages of Christianity and superstition behind us to build a finer race, a more beautiful civilization, and a better world. 

Each chapter illuminates a fundamental part of our creed and program and together they form the building blocks of our religious dogma. They thus constitute the body of our religious doctrine, and instead of calling them chapters, we have designated each as a Creative Credo with an appropriate number.

Our insignia was designed to reflect our emphasis on racial polarization. The “W” of course, stands for the great and noble White Race. The crown indicates that we are the aristocrats of Nature’s creation. The halo reaffirms our vow to guard and sanctify our precious blood lines as the most sacred value on the face of the earth. Let no man stand in our way in accomplishing our goal — the survival, expansion and advancement of the White Race. This is the ultimate, the highest, the loftiest, and to us the most sacred cause in the universe.

Members of our religion are called CREATORS whether men, women or children, and the religion itself is known as CREATIVITY. 

Since the English language is devoid of a suitable word that includes both men and women (except perhaps the word “person” as used by the E.R.A. libbers) I repeatedly use the term White Man as an alternate to the White Race. In so doing, I want it understood I am using this word to include equally both White Men and White Women, and that I deem White Women of at least equal importance to our race.

Many of the ideas expounded in this book are so totally unfamiliar to most of our White Racial Comrades that I have deliberately used repetition and utilized it extensively, as I did in NATURE’S ETERNAL RELIGION. Just as in our early school days we were repeatedly drilled first in the alphabet, then in words and spelling, in the multiplication tables as well as other key tools of learning, so too have I repeatedly hammered away from different angles at the key ideas, key issues, the natural laws that must become part of us, if the White Race is to survive. In fact, both this book and NATURE’S ETERNAL RELIGION should be read and reread several times until the innermost creed of this movement becomes so thoroughly ingrained it becomes a living part of each of our White Racial Comrades.

If there is one thing that sets CREATIVITY apart from all other religions it is the fact that we go directly to the Eternal Laws of Nature as the supreme authority for the formulation of all our creed and for the answers to all our questions, including our moral values. It is one of the strange anomalies of history that the White Race, the most intelligent of all creatures, has in the past ignored the wisdom of Nature in its social and moral laws, and for this we have paid dearly. Tragically, the White Race has instead looked to some man-made Jew-concocted “bible” riddled with lies, superstition and ignorance as the supreme “authority” in this tremendously important segment of its life.

The White Man has made astounding, yes fabulous, progress in the field of science and technology in the last few centuries and especially so in the last few decades, all due to the process of “experiment”, that is, probing Nature with set questions and accepting her answers, and then using reason and common sense in fitting together those answers into an ever widening mosaic of knowledge. This the White Man has done, superbly well in what started as an extremely slow process after the Dark Ages of Christianity slowly eased its grip on his shackled mind. Gradually, and piece by piece, the White Man’s knowledge in science and technology burgeoned until today it has become a runaway process far outstripping his social apparatus to either utilize or even cope with this vast array of knowledge.

In contrast his social and moral progress has been at an absolute standstill since the days of the Ancient Greeks and Romans. In fact, in this area we have gone backwards, and are not even as well equipped as were our ancient forefathers of two thousand years ago.

In CREATIVITY we have changed all this. In questions of morality, in questions of values, and in social organization, we have gone directly to Mother Nature with our questions and come up well rewarded with sure and bountiful answers.  We feel certain that by so doing we now are at the dawn of a great new age in which we can now progress as rapidly in the field of morals, genetics and social advancement as we have done in science and technology. And we mean to capitalize on all these multiple advancements for the benefit of Nature’s Finest — the White Race.

We don’t ask anyone to take anything we say on faith. We ask you to check it out against the real world as it is. Check it out against history. Check it out against the realities of Nature. Check it out against your own personal experiences in life. Then think about it with an open mind and come to your own conclusions.

One thing more. This book is not meant to be a scientific discourse, nor an historical review of the White Race. I make it very clear throughout: this book and NATURE’S ETERNAL RELIGION are conceived as a religious creed and program written for the masses, clearly and simply, so that anyone with an open mind and a modicum of common sense can understand it and grasp its import. It is meant to awaken, to clarify, to give direction and to arouse men to action. Our goal, I repeat, is the survival, expansion and advancement of the great White Race, in short, the resurrection and redemption of our people.

The need for hard and decisive action by the total forces of the White Race is great indeed, and it is extremely urgent. We have no more time to lose. Aroused, organized and united we are ten times more powerful than all the Jews and other mud races combined. Divided and disorganized as we now are, we are heading for certain destruction and total oblivion. The Jews are feverishly accelerating their program of mongrelizing the White Race here in America, and everywhere else in the White Man’s domain. They are importing (at the initiative of the United States government) Vietnamese, Haitians, Cubans, Mexicans and other mud races by the hundreds of thousands and by the millions. No civilization, no race can stand such an onslaught for long. Unless we take urgent and decisive action we will soon be reduced to a mongrelized mass of miserables, as in Haiti, or in India.

Now that we have the foundations of our creed and program completed, we must build from there. We now have the powerhouse to do the job. First of all, we must have the widest and fullest dispersion of our creed. This means that every reader, supporter and member must become a zealous distributor of this, our sacred book. Secondly, we must organize and expand, until we embrace the Planet Earth. Thirdly, as we do so, we must wrest control of our total destiny from out of the hands of our enemies, into the strong and firm hands of our own race, the White Race.