The School for Gifted Boys


Why the Need is Urgent 

We all know that the worldwide Jewish network is hell-bent on mongrelizing, decimating and utterly exterminating the White Race as such. This we have shown time and again in the various chapters of our White Man’s Bibles and in numerous articles written in this paper. The proof is so overwhelming that any White Man would have to be blind, deaf and dumb not to see it happening all around him. 

To achieve this mass genocide, the Jew has for centuries used every treacherous technique and weapon available to him. Today he is stepping up that program into a shrieking crescendo. Besides the power of money, government, the propaganda networks, (and many other powerful weapons) the Jew has, with sinister cunning, enlisted the White Man’s religious leaders themselves into the virulent campaign to destroy the White Race. Besides the Jewish Theological Schools, in which they train their own Talmudic leaders, there are Presbyterian Theological Seminaries, Lutheran, Baptist, Catholic and every other stripe of theological seminaries in which the future religious leaders of the White Race are taught to hate their own race, to love the Jew, and promote race-mixing with a vengeance. 

Where in the whole wide world is there an organized counterpart for training our young people to become leaders in the defense of the White Race? 

The brutal truth is that there is none, absolutely none. 

The Church of the Creator seriously intends to do something about this. Since no one has done anything in the past, we are virtually starting from scratch. We have already started, albeit in a small way, but we have started. We have started building a School for Gifted Boys, where we hope to initially orient gifted young boys to at least start studying and thinking about the future of the White Race and their own future in this polyglot world. 

Whereas the start may be small, we hope that it will be a burgeoning seed bed for the future leaders of our religious movement, CREATIVITY. We further hope that it will be the wellspring of our future leaders in the defense of our race, leaders in government, in industry, in the arts and in the White Man’s culture. We want to teach them to think White, to look at the world through the White Man’s eyes, from the White Man’s point of view and enlist them in the exciting struggle of BUILDING A WHITER AND BRIGHTER WORLD. 

Our most precious asset is our own White racial genes and the cream of the crop is that 1 or 2 percent of the gifted, both boys and girls, at the top of the intelligence ladder. It is the geniuses at the top that hold our future in their hands and we either build a framework within which these gifted can fully develop their latent genius or we will find ourselves rapidly going on a downhill toboggan slide to chaos, anarchy and oblivion. With the onslaught of our enemies now in high gear, that day will not be long in coming. Only an aroused, united White Race fanatically polarized around a racial religion can stop it. To build such a powerful organization, we need leaders, brilliant leaders and we need them by the thousands. We need to get started, now! The Church of the Creator has indeed started. 

When I was in high school some 50 years ago, the “exceptional child” was the bright child, and although there was jealousy and prejudice against such a child even then, at least he or she was grudgingly recognized as gifted, as “bright”, as exceptionally intelligent, and respected as such. Even then, however, little was done to help develop the latent gifts inherent in such a child. 

Today, the term “exceptional child” has been completely reversed, and now it means the exceptionally dumb child. The retarded, the idiots and the morons today are fondly enrolled in schools for “exceptional” children, and money seems to be no object. The bitter fact is, the government, the churches and the welfare agencies lavish many times the funding (extracted from White taxpayers, of course) on the derelicts of society, the morons, and the retarded who have no future, than they do on the gifted. In fact, no effort at all is made to develop the best, the finest, the gifted. It is the lower dregs who will be a problem and a burden on society to the end of their lives that our governmental and religious establishments love to lavish with attention and money. 

What happens to our White gifted children today? Well, usually if they are “processed” in our public schools they will be placed in a class of mental inferiors, with niggers, Mexicans and other mud races, and taught the joys of integration and race-mixing. Like a fast ship in a slow convoy they will be tied to the snail’s pace of the slowest learner in the class. The few latent geniuses, not even realizing their own worth, will be bored, frustrated and for good reason become bitterly anti-social. They will become rebellious, belligerent and develop serious personality problems. Chances are extremely high that in today’s drug infested environment they will turn to drugs as a cop-out. Senator Paula Hawkins of Florida has stated flatly that there is hardly a school in the United States above the fourth grade that is not already permeated with drugs. 

Remember, these are every individual’s most precious, most formative years, the years of their childhood and their youth. 

In such a sick, torpid school environment the chances are high that instead of a brilliant future towards which such a bright child could contribute so much to our race, will instead turn to a wasted life of frustration. Most likely that bright child will instead end up in a life of crime, behind bars. 

This is terrible. It is horrible how the Jew is forcibly (by force of law) taking our children away from us, funneling them into their meat grinder and turning them into drug junkies, juvenile delinquents and finally, adult criminals. 

What is the alternative? To ask the question is to already imply the answer. We must build our own institutional structure — schools for orienting and educating our children. The Church of the Creator has decided to start first with our gifted — the most precious — and finally all our children in our own White schools where they will be oriented first and foremost to respect and cherish the value of their own race. 

This is the program The Church of the Creator has in mind and we are making a start — the most important step. Small as that start may be, it is a beginning — a beginning whose potential knows no bounds. 

We are building a school that we hope will accommodate 24 boys for 2 week sessions during the summer months. It will be designed to be a combination of a summer camp and an orientation center towards White Racial awareness. The boys will be housed in the school itself, in the style of a summer camp building. There will be three sets of bathrooms. There will be a large dining room in the same building and a kitchen to service the hungry horde. The total area of the building will be a modest 2,500 square feet (slightly enlarged from our previous plans). 

It is our intention that each 2 week session be a pleasant summer outing and a memorable experience for each boy. Of even greater importance will be a program of orientation that we hope will leave a lasting impression. We therefore plan to have a mix of fun and games with study and orientation, giving about equal time to each side of the coin. We intend to run as many consecutive 2 week sessions as time allows and as we have candidates to fill the sessions. 

Now we realize, that in two weeks the opportunity to orient and educate are strictly limited, but WE CAN DO SOME VERY SIGNIFICANT THINGS, even in two weeks. What we want to accomplish is this: we want to make these young impressionable minds aware of the value of their race, instruct them in racial loyalty, and start them on the road to studying the basic Bibles of our religion. We want them further more to become aware of the fact that their first duty lies with their race, to inculcate racial loyalty and a sense of responsibility. Before they leave we want them to start thinking about their own roles as future leaders in the struggle for survival and advancement. We want them to realize that their only future lies with the White Race and outside of the racial framework only a polyglot future of racial chaos awaits them. This much we believe we can do in two weeks. 


On the recreational side we plan to have the boys enjoy the outdoors, the pleasures of hiking, organized games, practice sessions in archery, firearm safety and also how to use such (if necessary, for defense), baseball, tennis and other sports. Since we are in the close vicinity, here in the Blue Ridge Mountains, to streams that are ideal for white-water rafting, we will also try to work this in, depending on expense. The Appalachian Trail is only 6 miles west of us, and will be a favorite hiking repast, you can be sure. There are many other activities that will be available to us, but the above is at least a partial curriculum. 

As in everything else in our far reaching programs, we can do very little without the unstinting support of people — thousands of good racially conscious White people. Without supporters like you, we can do nothing. Therefore, we ask that you give us all the help you can. We need it. 

What you can do at this time besides making financial contributions is to start looking for candidates for our school this coming summer. (Yes, we hope to start this summer.) We don’t have a fee schedule as yet, but I’m sure it will be in line with other summer camps. If you know of any young boys between the ages of 10 and 16 that could appreciate such a 2 week program, start talking to them. If you have a nephew, or a cousin, or a friend of a friend, tell them about it and let’s get the ball rolling. 

SO LETS GET STARTED! The Sooner the Better!

* * * * *

To say the success of the CREATIVITY movement will mean so much to so many is an understatement. Do your part. Help bring it about. 

* * * * *