A Treacherous Stratagem to Ensnare the Naive and the Gullible. The Master Sneaks of all time have developed it into a deadly game. 

The idea of Good and Evil is as old as history, and so is the supposed unending warfare between these two forces. Sometimes these forces are very real, as is the struggle between them. Many times they are artificially contrived for evil purposes and the fight between them is stage managed by the evil force to achieve devious ends.

Undoubtedly, from the view of THE CHURCH OF THE CREATOR, the most evil force in the history of mankind is the Jewish network that has plagued all White civilizations since the dawn of history, and managed to destroy every one of them. Undoubtedly, there is no other conglomerate that has become more skillful in the art of staging a phony fight and pulling in its enemies than have the Jews over the millennia of civilization. 

The Jews did not invent the idea of Good and Evil, nor did they invent the idea of God and the Devil. In fact, they hardly invented anything original. But what we do have to give them credit for is that after adopting these and other ideas from their host nations (Egypt, Babylonia or wherever) they have, as always, capitalized on this idea to the hilt, for their own benefit, and for the destruction of their enemies. 

It has been said that there is nothing more deadly than an enemy inside the gates who through deviousness and deception has gained the confidence of his enemies as being a friend and benefactor. One such traitor inside the gates is said to be worth ten thousand known enemies on the outside. 

Nothing is more treacherous, or more deadly than a supposed “friend”, who through deceit, has gained your confidence, but secretly is bent on your destruction. The Jews have been keenly aware of this artifice for thousands of years and they have honed their technique of this art to a fine edge. In this discussion, we want to examine the Jewish artifice of concocting a fictitious enemy, then volunteering to rally to your defense in desperately trying to save you from the phony enemy they themselves have concocted. 

Perhaps the prototype for this clever dodge is inherent in Genesis of the Jewish Old Testament. There we find the story of God, representing Good – (virtue, justice, love and a host of other goodies) on the one hand, and the Devil, representing Evil – (treachery, cunning, deceit, debauchery and a list of other baddies as long as your arm) on the other hand. Supposedly, they are bitter enemies and engage in a desperate struggle, a war to the bitter finish. This basic presumption is the bedrock of the Jewish-Christian religion that the Jew has foisted on the White Race. Like a gullible yokel the White Race has swallowed the bait and over the last nineteen centuries has stupidly clasped it to its bosom as “its very own” religion. 

Let us examine how this phony fight dodge works. 

Well, according to this Jewish story in the Old Testament on the very first day that mankind was “created”, our “original” ancestors, Adam and Eve, who had no axe to grind with anybody, and who were as innocent as a newborn babe, unwittingly became involved in the struggle between two powerful adversaries at war. Both were telling them they were friends, had their best interests at heart and both were giving them stupid and contradictory advice. This naive couple, although supposedly adult, but only a day old, didn’t have a score card to tell who the players were, and in fact, didn’t even know there was a (con) game going on. They listened to one, then the other. The end result was that they were kicked out of their beautiful paradise and condemned, as were their offspring, to “earn their bread by the sweat of their brow” on the outside. So fast and effective was this involvement in someone else’s “war” that before they could get their wits assembled and say “Jack Robinson” they were already on the outside looking in. 

Now let us ask a few questions. Who was the loser in this fight? Well, undoubtedly, the innocent third party, Adam and Eve. They lost their nice homestead the first day of tenancy. What about the two bitter enemies, God and the Devil? They lost nothing, and are supposedly still carrying on their same feud with a Mexican stand-off after six thousand years. But are they really? If they were serious, surely there would ultimately be a conclusion, a victory or defeat. Why isn’t there? 

Let us probe further. Who is in charge of this show? Who staged it all? Well, since (according to the Jewish story) God is the Creator of all, since he is omnipotent, all powerful, fully in charge of heaven and earth, he must have also created Hell, the Devil and his minions and must undoubtedly be in charge of the whole kit and caboodle. If he didn’t create it all, I ask you believing Christians, if he isn’t in charge, who in the hell is? Did he or did he not create hell? Did he or did he not create the Devil? Since he knows everything forwards and backwards, didn’t he know full well how it was all going to turn out? Therefore, didn’t he deliberately create hell and the Devil? Didn’t he deliberately con Adam and Eve to be the patsies, then blame the Devil, and worse still, blame Adam and Eve for being victims of a treacherous game of entrapment he himself had conjured up? Where in the hell was he while the Devil was conning them and when Adam and Eve needed him? Was he asleep at the switch? Would you knowingly leave your defenseless day old baby at the mercy of a fiendish child molester and then blame it (the baby) for not being able to cope with the situation? Wasn’t the Devil merely following the proscribed script? If God isn’t in charge, who is?

Are God and the Devil really at war? Or, are they merely playing an entertaining (for them) scam on us poor mortals?

* * * * *

Let us now examine the more modern version of the same con game that affects us more directly and is written by the same script writers, the same behind the scene manipulators. Let us move forward to the twentieth century and examine the relationship between the United States (God) and Russia (The Devil) and Israel (Hell). 

Although the script for this whole comedy, or tragedy of errors, was written long before the beginning of the twentieth century, its culmination is coming to a head as this century nears completion, if not earlier. 

In Creative Credo No. 38 entitled, “Russia, Israel and the United States”, of The WHITE MAN’S BIBLE, I have already cited numerous historical events illustrating that the United States is not fighting Communism, that it is lying to the world and deceiving its own citizens in this gigantic ongoing fraud. Not only is it deceiving the White American taxpayers on this treacherous issue, but it is especially this group that is being robbed blind. It is particularly this group that is being inveigled, deceived, entrapped and marked for destruction. The Jews are utilizing the productivity and resources of the American worker to foot the bill for this sinister sell out, and at the same time treacherously plotting his genocide. 

Behind it all are the same Master Sneaks that wrote the Jewish-Christian bible. It is the same Jewish network that also wrote the script for Jewish Communism and are today pulling the strings in Russia, in Israel, in the United States and the rest of the world. But let us never forget that the main powerhouse of this foul conspiracy is neither in Russia, nor even in Israel. It has shifted geographically many times in the last 3,000 years, but it now sits mainly in the good old U.S.A., with Jew York and Washington, D.C. being the prime centers of infestation and Jewish power. 

Most Americans are snookered into believing that Russia is the central core of communism and its present seat of power. This is completely false, as is the fictitious concept that the Devil is the source of all evil and is trying to inveigle us all into hell. 

I should know a little on this subject. 

You see, I was born in Russia in 1918, at a time when the Bolshevik Reds were fighting the remnants of the dead Czar’s followers, dubbed the White Army. Warfare, turmoil, anarchy and starvation swept through and over the peaceful Mennonite village and settlement in which I was born. When we managed to get out of Russia in 1924 with our skins still intact, we were more fortunate than the hundred relatives we left behind. Needless to say, I have not forgotten those events, nor have I neglected to study and do my homework on the growing monster as it succeeds in swallowing up country after country. 

It is a long story, and I cannot recapitulate it here. Let me just briefly make a few points: (a) Communism is as Jewish as the Talmud and the Jewish-Christian bible. (b) The Russian people are not the culprits, but the victims, and they would like to get the Jewish-Communist monkey off their backs as much as anyone in the world. (c) The communist revolution in Russia was engineered by native Russian Jews in collaboration with the wealth, influence and power of the Jews in America. (d) Even after the communist takeover, the communist regime in Russia would have collapsed in short order, and again several times in the course of its shabby 66 year tenure, if it had not been repeatedly supported financially, militarily and morally by the United States (God), who in turn is in the hands of the same scriptwriters that wrote the story of Job in the Old Testament. 

In support of the United States-Russian (communist) collaboration charge, let me briefly list the following facts of history: 

1. The basis of communism is Marxism, or Karl Marx’s “Communist Manifesto” (1848) and “Das Kapital” (1867). Marx was a renegade Jew, the son of a Jewish Rabbi in Germany, but nevertheless, loyal to his race. 

However, the seeds of Marxism did not begin with Karl Marx, but were already deeply imbedded in the Jewish Talmud, already 1,300 years old in Marx’s day, and that creed, itself dates back in the “oral law’ of the Synagogue, passed on orally by its Elders for another 1,500 years or more. 

2. Russia at the time of the Czars had the largest Jewish population in the world. There were approximately six million of them, mostly of Khazar origin, and none of whose ancestors had ever set foot in Palestine. The vast majority of these swarthy Khazars hated the (Nordic) Romanov dynasty with a deadly passion, and plotted its overthrow and destruction. The Czar and the Russian government, in turn, did their best to stem this evil and alien pestilence in their midst by alternately trying appeasement and repression. In this they failed miserably and the 300 year old Romanov dynasty came to an end when a Jew shot the Czar in the back of the neck in 1917. The Czar’s wife (Czarina) and their five children were also murdered at the same time. 

3. Meanwhile, the Jews in the United States wholeheartedly supported the Russian revolution, morally and financially. Jacob Schiff, head of Kuhn, Loeb, and Company, a powerful Jewish banking and brokerage house in New York took the lead. Schiff himself contributed 20 million dollars in training 3,000 Jewish cutthroats (with Leon Trotsky in charge) in lower East side New York. At the propitious moment in the middle of World War I they were shipped to Moscow. Even the Germans (who also were under the heel of the Jews) collaborated and sent Lenin through their territory in a sealed train. 

Once in Moscow, this trained band of Jewish revolutionaries knew exactly what to do and soon took over control of Moscow, of the government, and all of Russia. 

4. It is interesting to note that before Jewish communism took over, the policy of the United States government was hostile to Czarist Russia, and morally and financially supported Japan in the Russo-Japanese War of 1904-05, but as soon as the communist Jews were in charge, the United States government did a complete flip-flop and covertly supported, encouraged and bolstered everything Russian, as we shall further see. 

5. When in the 1920’s the communist regime was floundering economically and was about to totter, the United States sent food and machinery to bolster that cruel and shabby regime. 

6. The United States sent in engineers and supplies to drill Russia’s oil fields, build her dams, her electrical works and set up her factories. 

7. When the Russian economy was still faltering and her people starving in the 1930’s, President Roosevelt, as one of the first acts in his regime, extended official recognition to the Bolshevik government of Stalin, and with it extended further credits. (The previous non-recognition was really a scam, such as God not recognizing the Devil.) 

8. When the German people under the leadership of Hitler finally recognized the Jewish menace and managed to break free of the Jewish stranglehold, the Jewish news media went hog wild in denouncing Germany and their government and the Roosevelt government fell all over itself, along with the news media, in welcoming and fawning over Jews, communists and reds. 

9. The Jewish network had decided to declare war against Hitler and the German people even before Hitler came to power. When they ruthlessly managed to maneuver Germany into a position where she either had to fight or face disgrace and encirclement, the United States government was then totally hostile to Germany. It was irrevocably committed to the Jewish cause, to communist Russia, to crush Germany. As we shall see, this is exactly what it did. 

10. World War II was really a war between the Jewish bankers, in fact, the Jewish network as a whole, against the world, and the White Race in particular. Hitler, after freeing Germany from the chains of the Jewish bankers and Jewish communism had in mind, not conquering the world, but going to the heart of the communist regime in Russia and destroying this pestilence. Now you would think that if the United States was concerned about communism and fighting it, that then the United States would welcome such a move and join in and support it. 

Did it do so? Hell, no. On the contrary, it first of all launched the most vicious propaganda campaign of vilification and lies against Hitler and all things German, and then joined the Bolshevik regime of Stalin to defeat the Germans in the most bloody and cruel of all wars in history. Some way to fight communism. 

* * * * * 

We will now temporarily leave Russia, Germany and the United States and see how the several thousand year old battle between God and the Devil is progressing, if it is progressing at all. 

Let us go back to the loony bin and read the 18th chapter of the Old Testament, and look into the curious relationship between God and the Devil, who are supposed to be bitter enemies. 

At the time of Job (whenever that was) a few thousand years evidently had passed since the treacherous caper the all powerful spook had pulled on Adam and Eve. Their condemned progeny had multiplied profusely, but God didn’t like the masses of people (his children, his very own creation) that he had produced and by this time he had already pulled the plug on the Great Flood and arbitrarily drowned all his beloved children like a bunch of rats. Love, love, love. He was just full of it. 

Anyway, at the time of Job the Great Flood is now behind us and the world is again full of a new breed of his beloved children who are just as rotten as the ones he drowned. However, he had a few exemplary exceptions, and one of them was a man by the name of Job. 

Now this fellow Job was no poor, down-trodden, meek and poor in spirit. He was a somebody. In fact, he was one of “the greatest of all men in the east”, wherever that was. He had seven thousand sheep, three thousand camels, five hundred yoke of oxen, five hundred she-asses, much land and a great household. He also had a beautiful family of seven sons and three daughters. What more could any man ask for? But that was not all. He also loved the lord, and vice versa. 

Next, we have a scenario where God calls a sort of routine business meeting of all his sons. Now we have all been under the impression that God only had one son, namely Jesus Christ. But not so. At this stage of the Jewish Mother Goose story nobody had heard of Jesus Christ. (I’m only following the text of the Holy Word. Don’t ask me to explain.) It says that “the sons of God came to present themselves and Satan was also among them.” Not only was he among the sons, he is the only one mentioned. In fact, he is the whole star of the show and he and God engage in a bit of friendly mischief, at the expense of some other poor, tortured victim. 

The patsy they chose to torture and tear apart was our friend Job. You can read the whole story in the Old Testament, or you can read part of it on Page 323 of The WHITE MAN’S BIBLE. Anyway, in their sporting way they both treated him with the love and affection the owner of a rooster would on entering his prize bird in a cock fight, with Job taking all the cuts and doing all the bleeding. 

The significance of this story is the cozy relationship that evidently God and the Devil have with each other. After reading the chapter, we would get the impression that not only were God and the Devil not enemies, but the Devil is God’s favorite son, his fair-haired boy. 

The enmity is about as serious (or phony) as that between the United States and Russia (the Devil). 

Anyway, at that point in history after a thousand or more years of alleged warfare, the fight between God and the Devil was still a Mexican stand-off, no hits, no runs, no errors. No wins, no defeats. Business as usual. Only the Devil was running up a much bigger score, and more people were going to hell every day. 

The question screams to high heaven. With all these people going to hell every day, why doesn’t God solve the problem once and for all? Why doesn’t he win the battle? Instead of putting the monkey on our back and perpetually pestering the hell out of us, why doesn’t he just simply kill the Devil? Why doesn’t he vaporize him in hell, free all those poor suffering victims in there now and wipe it out also, forever and for good? He created the goddamn thing — why can’t he undo it? Why doesn’t he do it? 

Ask your preacher that question. Pursue him until he gives you an intelligent answer. Don’t let him off the hook with the old phony-baloney of “the ways of the Lord are higher than — etc., etc.” Nor can we accept the stupid argument that he was just “testing”. The question remains — if he isn’t in cahoots with the Devil, why doesn’t he destroy him once and for all? 

We will now go back to the similar situation of the United States and communism and look at the period at the end of World War II and the period following. 

* * * * *

We go back to 1945. Having, again saved communism (in Russia) at tremendous expense in money, material and manpower, at the expense of the American taxpayer, and having utterly crushed and destroyed the only serious enemy communism (and the Jews) have encountered in modern history, the United States at the end of WW II had everything going its way. 

It had also destroyed the Japanese military establishment. It had by far the largest conglomerate of military forces in all history, far surpassing all the armed forces of the world combined, including Russia, China and whatever was left of the other combatants. It had the atomic bomb, exclusively and all to itself. It had all its cities intact, its factories were humming and geared to extremely high production. Financially, it owned half the gold of the world, and practically all the rest of the world was up to their ears in debt to it. The United States had it all. It was God. 

If previously it had the excuse that Hitler’s Nazi movement was a bigger threat than Russia’s communist movement, it was now in a position to take care of the communist menace also and wipe it off the face of the earth once and for all. It would have had the wholehearted support of not only its newly defeated enemy, Germany, but most of Europe as well as — Rumania, Hungary, Poland, Italy, etc. It also had the support of Americans at home, and the G. I.’s still in Europe. 

Why didn’t it do just that? For the same reason that God and the Devil after thousands of years of pretended enmity, never come to grips. The fight is a phony. Phony as hell. In fact, the same bunch of scriptwriters that wrote the fictitious “God and Devil” script also wrote the scenario for World War I, for World War II and for more than sixty some wars that have erupted since WW II, in most of which the United States has had a hand, or helped to engineer. Right now (1984) I understand there are 40 wars going on in the world and the United States is involved in 19 of them. 

I repeat my question, if the United States really and seriously considers Russia and communism an enemy and a threat, why didn’t it proceed to wipe out the communist enemy back in 1945 when General Patton and others, including the G. I.’s themselves were rearing to go? 

Why didn’t God wipe out the Devil in 1945? Why doesn’t he do it today? Why doesn’t the United States destroy communism today? 

Well, for the same reason as God won’t move on the Devil. But we are going around in circles. 

* * * * *

There must be a reason God has his Devil and why the United States has its bug-a-boo, communism. Well, there IS A VERY GOOD REASON, although few Americans who foot the bill for hundreds of billions of dollars in defense appropriations understand it. 

So let us explore this strange situation. Let’s see what the United States did at the end of WW II and in the nearly four decades since then. 

Did the United States really have any intention of destroying communism when it had a golden opportunity to do so in 1945? Hell, no. Even before the war was over (Germany was obviously on the brink of defeat) the United States was already propping up and fortifying Russia with domestic non-military goods — tractors, machinery, refrigerators and other goodies to the tune of 13 billion dollars on the first go around. 

When Patton and other United States generals had an open run to take Berlin and all of Germany and the Russian armies in the east were still being stopped by the German armies, the word came down from on high — hold back, let the Russians have the honor of taking Berlin. 

Why did the United States do such a stupid thing? Well, when we ask that question we must also remember to ask (a) who was in charge? and (b) stupid from whose point of view? The answer to both these questions is: the Jews were and are in charge, and from their point of view it made good sense: (a) It expanded the territory of communism and the peoples it could control; (b) It would allow the Russians, who are more barbaric, ruthless and brutal, to kill, rape and loot Prussia, and, in fact, all of eastern Germany to an extent that the American G. I.’s could never have been goaded to do in a hundred years. Not only were millions of Germans killed by the Russians, but their women were raped wholesale, their machinery and rolling stock (what was left) shipped to Russia and its cities destroyed even after the end of the war. This terrorism goes on to this day and will continue indefinitely. This is completely in line with the Jews’ program of kill the best (of the White Race) first. (c) Thirteen million Germans in eastern Germany were driven off their lands and driven westward, thereby drastically reducing the living space of the then remaining Germans and also crippling any future revival of the German people. This, too, is in conformity with the Jews’ program of killing, shrinking and destroying the best (of the White Race). (d) It divided the Germans themselves into two hostile east and west camps, completely in line with the Jewish axiom of “divide and conquer”. 

No reason for the United States holding back and letting the Russians take Berlin? Plenty of reasons, if you look at it, not from the White American point of view, but from the Jewish angle. And after all, who was in charge, and still is today?

* * * * *

But this still doesn’t answer the main question: Why does the United States need communism as a phony enemy at all, so let me explain it once and for all. 

The White people of America don’t need communism any more than they need another hole in the head between the eyes. Neither do the White people of Britain, or France, or Germany, or Sweden, or any other White people in the world. But the White people don’t run the world, nor are they in charge of, not only America, but also the rest of the world, including Russia. The only partial hiatus in that control was the brief 13 year span in Germany between 1933 and 1945. 

Now let us analyze (a) why the Jews need a bogey-man, a Devil, communism in their demonic conspiracy, (b) how this phony fight ruse works, and (c) what it has accomplished for them over the last 100 years. 

In so doing we must again remember that (a) the Jews are in charge of the world, (b) they have an age old ongoing conspiracy to destroy the White Race, mongrelize them and then enslave the stupid, mud colored masses to do their bidding. Their ultimate goal is every Jew a king, every goyim a slave, with their jackboot resting on the back of the neck of their victims, pushing the goyim’s face into the mud. (c) Along with an enslaved goyim, they picture themselves as owning all the gold, silver, real estate and wealth of the world. A fantastic picture? Perhaps, but don’t laugh. They are almost there now. 

In order to achieve the above, they have been for centuries and are today, using their most powerful weapons, which are manifold, but at the core of it all is their masterpiece — DECEIT. In order to DIVIDE AND CONQUER they have to deceive the goyim and setup a phony fight, keep the goyim in constant turmoil, confusion and warfare. In order to have warfare you must have two sides. If there is no real enemy, create a fictitious one. Set up your own dummy. That way you have a beautiful situation — an enemy who not only is predictable, but whose provocations and moves are perfectly under control and will always make the correct moves to further your interests. 

Now that you have set up your own dummy enemy, you are in a beautiful position to start a phony fight, and it works wonders if skillfully handled. 

A fight, any fight, attracts attention, whether it is a dog fight, a cock fight, or a couple of niggers brawling in a boxing ring. Not only does a fight attract attention, but if skillfully handled it also stirs up emotions and inflames passions to a fever pitch as nothing else can. Going further, a small fight can rapidly escalate into a bigger fight, and into a major war. People get carried away and they choose sides. This is what the Jews need for leverage — two sides fighting each other. In such a situation the Jews soon contrive to get people (who are the real target) so emotionally embroiled they throw their brains out of the window and start killing each other. 

By this time the process is for real, and such feuds that may have been artificially instigated at the beginning, are now steeped in blood. They further escalate and can go on for centuries, as witness the four hundred year old feud still going on in Ireland. 

There you have it. This is the crux of the Jewish technique of “DIVIDE AND CONQUER.” Start a phony fight, pull in the innocent bystander, aggravate two sides against each other, get some people killed, pour on the propaganda, then escalate it upward and onward to a full scale war. 

At this stage the Jews have a perfect situation for themselves. They now have two sides (the Goyim) fighting, cutting each other to pieces. Like God and the Devil with Adam and Eve, or with Job, they have nothing to lose. It is the patsy that does all the bleeding — the third party — the formerly innocent bystander. The Jews are behind the scenes, invisible, presumably non-participants, or better still posing as poor victims (as witness the phony “Holocaust”). But in reality, they are staging and managing the fight, inciting the stupid fighters, goading them on — and reaping tremendous dividends, as we shall see. 

In short, the Phony Fight serves the Jews as a perfect ploy with which (a) to suck in the innocent bystander, who although he is unaware of it, is the real target for destruction, (b) to involve the third party in a fight in which they had no real interest, (c) to get them emotionally involved, to inflame them to the point where they abandoned all good sense, (d) to choose up sides, (e) to fight their own kind (White Man against White Man, as witness the American Civil War, WWI. WWII, and on and on), (f) by clever propaganda, pose as peacemaker and negotiator for both sides, and then take control. 

It has worked miracles for the Jews. The dividends it has paid them are beyond the fondest imagination of the Jews themselves, and beyond the comprehension of the most astute goyim. It has been of immense benefit to the Jews in (a) implementing their strategy of “DIVIDE AND CONQUER” against the goyim. (b) It has been a tremendously effective device in helping them “kill the best” of the White Men as witness WWI, WWII, the Civil War, and every other war into which they have inveigled the White Race. (c) With the Jews always financing (with worthless paper money) both sides, it leaves the White Nations broken, devastated and over their ears in debt to the Jewish bankers. (d) It leaves deep and lasting scars, unending feuds, and sows the seeds for unending future wars. (e) It does much, much more, but basically it all serves to increase the ever mounting financial, political and military stranglehold of the Jews in implementing their program for the destruction of the White Race.

* * * * *

We have already examined how the United States has consistently supported communist Russia up to, and during World War II. Let us now get back to the phony ruse of the United States “fighting communism” and briefly examine what raising this phony specter has accomplished for the Jews after World War II. 

1. President Truman, after badly bungling American interests at Potsdam in 1945 and generously giving Stalin everything he wanted, then did a strange flip-flop in 1946 and instituted the Marshall Plan, a wild, give-away program, supposedly “to fight communist expansion”. This is “strange” because up until now America had done everything possible to not only save communism, but help its expansion. 

(An interesting side note on this is that when the newly installed President Truman met the well entrenched Marshall Stalin at Potsdam, Truman naively informed Stalin about the great American “secret”, that “we” had the atomic bomb, and intended to use it on Japan. Truman couldn’t understand Stalin’s lack of surprise. The poor yokel didn’t know that Stalin had shared that “secret” from the beginning, whereas Roosevelt had kept Truman, his own Vice President, completely in the dark, and Truman himself knew nothing about the atomic bomb until after Roosevelt was dead.) 

The Marshall Plan was the opening gun and the breakthrough for an unlimited and unending program of giveaways by America that continues to this day, almost 40 years later. Have American taxpayers ever been asked if they agree to carrying the rest of the world on their backs? 

Who have been the beneficiaries of this idiotic program of playing Santa Claus to the world? Well, certainly not the White American taxpayer who has had to foot the bill, and that bill has been enormous and back breaking. 

The beneficiaries, first of all, have been the Jewish bankers who control and own the Federal Reserve. As of now they have us enslaved and in debt to the tune of over one trillion, three hundred billion. This is not counting all the other debts outside of the Federal government which adds up to another 5 or 6 trillion. 

The beneficiaries have been 126 nations of the world, who, like the parasitic Argulus (Page 218, The White Man’s Bible) now have a direct pipeline to the resources and productivity of the American taxpayer. Of these 126 countries, many of which, like Poland and Yugoslavia, are communist, there is not a single one that we can call a real friend. In fact, we are the most hated country in the world. All our billions have never bought us a single friend, but very much like a blackmailer, the recipients keep demanding more, or else. The “or else” is they’ll go communist, an idea our own government keeps promoting. 

The beneficiaries have, by and large, been mud countries like India, Indonesia and every other type of black, brown or yellow parasite in the world. As a result, their populations have been skyrocketing, while that of the working White Man is shrinking, not only in the United States, but throughout the world. This, too, is very much in line with Jewish goals, which foresee the complete extinction of the White Race. 

Let me point out that without the Jews raising the phony specter of communism and how we must “contain it” (not destroy it) the United States government would be hard put in trying to explain as to why the American taxpayer must carry the rest of the world on his back, just as the preacher would have a hard time pulling victims into his church and convincing them they need “saving”, if he didn’t have a “devil” to conjure with. To pursue this parallel farther, the preacher, too, is only interested in “containing” the devil, and never mentions doing away with him, as this would undoubtedly ruin his racket. One backwoods preacher put it succinctly: A religion without Hell ain’t worth a damn. 

2. The “threat” of communism and our urgency in fighting it has been a wonderfully persuasive excuse not only to raise the tax burden on the American working man to tyrannical levels, but it has done much more. With the heavy burden of taxation and its army of tax collectors it has been a perfect excuse to expand government controls in every direction and intrude and meddle in every phase of our every day life. What this really means is that the Jews now have the weapons not only to take our money and resources away from us, but what is even more ominous, to slowly expand their tyranny to control our every move and enslave us. 

3. Without the “threat” of communism, the United States would not have a legitimate excuse for occupying Germany with a military force of 360,000 men, and teach the Germans “democracy” over the last 40 years. They are presumably there as “NATO” forces to protect Germany and Europe from being overrun by communist forces of the “Warsaw Pact” block. However, what the American forces are really there for is (a) to protect the Jews from the Germans, (b) allow the Jews to again sink their tentacles deep into the German nation, (c) prevent the Germans from setting up a government of their own choice, and (d) allow the black American G. l.’s to rape the German women. 

4. The “threat” of communism has enabled the United States to covertly expand its “intelligence” forces to a point where we now have a vast invisible army, the C. I. A., running rough shod all over the world, meddling in politics, governments, fomenting revolutions and in general doing that very thing this discussion is all about: setting up two warring factions and instigating revolution and turmoil. What such operations generally end up with (and internationally so) is another Cuba, North Korea, Vietnam and/or similar communist takeovers. 

These operations have far-reaching ramifications: (a) They cost the taxpayer untold, uncounted and unaccounted for billions, since the budgets for “intelligence” are completely beyond the control of our visible government. Neither the president, nor Congress, is any longer in control of this rampaging band of independent gunslingers, who are a law unto themselves, beyond the pale of either accountability or restraint. (b) They are a major force in the politics, government and economy of every country in the world, especially the so-called “emerging” countries. They create turmoil, revolution and uproar. They wreck and change governments at will. (c) They are also aggressively active within the borders of the United States itself (something they are supposedly prohibited from doing by law). They work hand in glove with the F.B.I, in suppressing any activity in the interest of the White Race. (d) They have a large number of Jews in their ranks and collaborate directly with Israel’s Mossad, generously feeding them information and state “secrets” at will. 

Thus the “threat” of communism has enabled the Jews to develop along with their own Mossad, a lawless, uncontrolled strong-arm brigade to roam the world at will, with little or no control by anybody except the Jews themselves, and again, totally financed and at the expense of the American taxpayer. 

5. The “threat” of communism has enabled the United States “government” to set up a tremendously bloated “defense” industry. It is often referred to as the “military industrial complex” and often even attacked by segments of the Jewish press itself, mostly for the wrong reasons. 

Some interesting questions arise when we peer into this vast and tremendously costly (again to the American taxpayer) wasteland. Some of these are: (a) Since “we” have been nurturing and propping up the Russian communist behemoth since its very inception, just whom are we supposed to be defending ourselves against? If it is Russia, why didn’t we quash that tottering “threat” back in 1945 when all our troops were over there, all set and ready to go? Why do we keep sending millions of tons of grain to Russia now? Why do we supply her with sophisticated electronic equipment and other highly technical machinery that she is too backward to build herself? The answer, of course, is, our whole stance is a phony sham. (b) Why were we already sending high-grade refined uranium materials by air freight to Russia even before we ourselves had perfected the atomic bomb in 1943-44? (See “Major Racey Jordan’s Diaries”.) (c) Why does every country we go into to “save” (Vietnam, China, North Korea, etc.) end up in the communist camp? (d) Why have we, with all our overwhelming might, never really converted one single country back from “communism” to “democracy”? 

There are many other questions, but there are also a few other aspects I want to touch on, and they are these: (a) Our defense budget is growing by leaps and bounds. Whereas in Lyndon Johnson’s tenure I was alarmed by our TOTAL budget, including defense, when it reached a hundred billion dollars, now our defense budget alone is over two hundred and fifty billion dollars. (b) Arbitrarily taking such huge sums away from the working taxpayer and dispensing them to various “defense contractors” at the whim and caprice of government bureaucrats creates a tremendous opportunity for graft and bribery, channeling it from Jew in government to Jew in industry, making instant multi-millionaires. No wonder a piece of hardware that should cost about 65 cents often costs the government as much as $194.50 when channeled through “defense”. Why not? The Jews have a closed shop for looting the goyim, all in the name of “defense” against “communism”. 

6. It enables the government itself to engage in a highly dangerous and dead-end nuclear arms race. We have to “keep ahead of the Russians”. 

7. It enabled the government to engage in a highly wasteful and pointless “space program” in the ’60’s. After all, we had “to put a man on the moon before the Russians”. (The Russians never did get their man on the moon.) 

8. It helped get us emotionally charged to help establish the bandit state of Israel in 1948 and pour vast sums of military aid and direct subsidies to her ever since. The argument is that after all, Israel is our only true friend in the Middle East, a true bulwark against the “communist” Arabs, and a passel of other silly lies. Actually, the Moslem Arabs were (and are) much more opposed to communism than the “democratic” United States ever was, or than Jewish Israel, the ideological fount of Jewish communism ever will be. 

This stupid blunder (Israel) has by now cost the American taxpayer more than 28 billion dollars in subsidies alone (by 1983) and there is no end in sight. This does not take into account the tremendous damage American support of Israel has done to our once friendly relationship with the Arabs, and the resulting damage of escalating oil prices received from the Middle East. 

How much oil do we receive from Israel? None, of course. What benefits have we ever received from Israel? None, whatsoever. All we receive from Israel is bad news, trouble, entanglements and demands for more aid. Over half of our foreign aid now goes to Israel and Egypt, with the bandit state receiving the biggest share of all. 

9. “Fighting communism” enables us (or gives us the excuse) to invade Grenada, station our troops endlessly in Korea, in Germany, intrude in every country in Central America, have highly expensive air bases and other military installations all over the world. We have to save them from communist Russia, don’t we? Or, so the story goes. 

* * * * *

CONCLUSION: Just as God never seems to get around to ousting the Devil, so we never seem to chalk up a single victory against communism. If we are to believe the Jewish-Christian malarkey, there are now more people going to hell than there ever were before Christ was supposedly nailed to the cross to save us all from hell. 

Someone will point out — aha, but we did have a small victory in Grenada recently, didn’t we? I don’t know that we did. Most of the Americans there were peacefully sunning themselves before 6,000 Marines burst ashore and “rescued” them. I suspect the whole caper was another piece of absolute nonsense, or else somebody in Grenada was about to set up an anti- communist regime friendly to America. I don’t know and I don’t care what the silly ploy was, but an anti-communist victory it was not. 

If we were (and are) really serious about putting the skids to communism, we have had a thousand opportunities to do so, but instead have consistently supported and bolstered a sorry tyrannical Jewish program for the takeover and enslavement of the world, a program that is rooted in the Jewish Talmud itself. If the United States was serious about fighting communism, why doesn’t it start by ousting Castro in Cuba? That would be a much more meaningful start than unleashing 6,000 Marines on little Grenada. Or, more significant is the question, why did we put the skids to Fulgencio Batista in Cuba in 1958, to Chiang Kai-shek in China in 1946, or betray Anastosia Somosa in Nicaragua, all of whom, while not saints, were at least pro-American? Why did we turn the tremendously strategic Panama Canal over to a tin-horn communist dictator and even pay him to take it on a golden platter? 

Good questions, and the answers are as obvious as why God never seems to make any headway against the Devil, while we sinners are going to hell in a hand basket, in larger numbers every day. After all, the scenario for both was written by the same scriptwriters, straight out of the Talmud. Through it all there runs a common thread. It is THE JEWISH CONNECTION. 

(For further expansion on this subject see Creative Credo No. 38, “Russia, Israel and the United States”, and Creative Credo No. 50, “Observations about the Devil and Hell” in The WHITE MAN’S BIBLE.)

* * * * *

We, of The CHURCH OF THE CREATOR, have not the slightest interest in saving and uplifting “HUMANITY” with all its niggers, scum and parasites. Our entire goal is: the survival, expansion and advancement of the White Race, period.

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