Apparently aghast that the White Race should have the gall to want to take charge of its own destiny, your editor has received the following plea from “A Concerned Christian”:

Dear Mr. Klassen, 

As a concerned Christian I would like to express my feelings concerning your idea of “Racial Loyalty”.

In case you don’t know, God loves everyone no matter what color of skin, red, yellow, black or white they are precious in his sight. Negroes, Jews, or Whites, they are all the same. 

Instead of organizing a army of supporters into a massive mighty battering ram and take control of as you call white man’s destiny away from the Jews and put it in the hands of our own people you need to put your life in the hands of GOD. God is the only one who can accomplish that which is right. All you need to do is look around you and see the mountains, flowers, sunshine and the rain and you can see the work of my Lord. You are going to have to put a little love in your heart for mankind instead of so much hatred. All you have to do is believe and have faith and God will help you to get on the right road. Please pray about this. God loves you. 

A concerned Christian

(Not signed, but postmarked Gainesville, Ga.) 

Editor’s comment: If we should follow this kind of approach to the problem of survival of our race, why not follow this same approach to all other problems in life. Why work for a living? Let the (non-existent) spooks in the sky do it all for us. Why should we bother building houses to live in? Let the unseen, unheard spooks do it. Why make the effort to build bridges, roads, farms, airports, factories, etc.? Let the spooks take charge. Why should we make the effort? 

Furthermore, let me ask this oh so “Concerned Christian” if the Jewish Yahweh really has our best interests at heart, why does the Jewish bible repeatedly keep harping about how our mortal enemies, the Jews, are “God’s Chosen”? And my final question is this: After two thousand years of Christianity and “spooks in the sky” insanity, is the White Race in a better, or worse position relative to the present flood of mud races that threaten to engulf our planet? When we compare how the virile White Romans of 2000 years ago were supreme in this world and the mud races of no consequence whatsoever, I believe we can safely conclude that after 2000 years of Christinsanity, it has been of no help whatsoever to our Race. It did however plunge the White Race into a thousand years of the dismal Dark Ages and has been a major enemy of the White Race ever since. It has aided and abetted the Jews and put the skids under the White Race at every opportunity. The above letter is another typical example. 

One major difference (among others) between a Christian and a Creator is that whereas a Creator’s first loyalty belongs to the White Race, that of a Christian is to a nebulous and mythical set of spooks whose whereabouts have never been located. 

* * * * *

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